Everything You Need To Know About ABBA Voyage’s Premium Experience, The Oceanbird Lounge

If you're going to ABBA Voyage and you're looking to make it even more of a special occasion, you'll want to invest in Oceanbird Lounge tickets.

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You’ve dusted off your sequins and finally rallied the gang to agree on a date. You’re really making a weekend of it, and you’ve booked an ABBA Voyage hotel package in London. Now, whispers of the Oceanbird Lounge have reached your ears.

I know you’ve been having kitchen parties, cooking dinner while practising your dance moves, and familiarising yourself with the ABBA Voyage setlist – which is completely unnecessary because, let’s be honest, ABBA’s greatest hits have never left your on-repeat playlist. This is going to be the night of your life.

After perusing a couple of ABBA Voyage Oceanbird Lounge reviews, you’re contemplating the upgrade. I’ve been there. And let me tell you, without question. Do it.

If you’re going all in, you really don’t want to miss out on the Oceanbird Lounge. Tailored to anyone who wants to make their ABBA Voyage an extra special occasion, the Oceanbird Lounge is the epitome of concert indulgence. It will transform a spectacular show into a night you’ll truly never forget.

So, what does the Oceanbird Lounge actually include? Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Skip the lines with Priority Entry

As you approach the ABBA Arena on Pudding Mill Lane in Stratford, London, the Oceanbird Lounge unveils its magic, offering an exclusive entrance that allows you to step into the world of ABBA a full one hour and 45 minutes before the main event. Like the VIP you really are, you’ll get the thrill of skipping the lines with your own dedicated entrance – setting the stage for a night of pure delight.

Fans go through Oceanbird Lounge ABBA Arena tunnel

2. Complimentary food and drink. And lots of it.

Once you’re inside Oceanbird Lounge, get ready for a symphony of flavours. You’ll have the choice of bubbles, beer, soft drinks, and even a cocktail. The drinks flow freely, and the attentive staff ensure your glass is never empty, so you can really immerse yourself in the ABBA atmosphere.

You won’t go thirsty, or hungry, for that matter. The exact menu changes day to day, but we enjoyed grazing platters, sliders, and a delicious cheese and dessert menu. And the best part is it’s all-inclusive with your Oceanbird lounge ticket, fuelling you with all the energy you need to dance the night away.

Grazing platters at ABBA Arena

3. A nostalgic ABBA-themed haven  

Now, imagine being surrounded by the very essence of ABBA’s legacy. The lounge itself is adorned with photos and album covers to really get you in the ABBA zone. As you recline in the plush seating, surrounded by the infectious energy of fellow fans, you’ll know the Oceanbird Lounge is more than just a pitstop before the main event. It’s a sanctuary that’s preparing you for the spectacle about to unfold on the ABBA Arena stage.

Plus on Friday and Saturday nights you can return to the lounge after the show, have another glass and debrief with your pals.

ABBA Arena in Stratford, London

4. Exclusive mementos of the night

You’ll also leave the Oceanbird Lounge with exclusive mementos: a chic lanyard and a branded water bottle. Souvenirs you can keep for years to come, so you’ll always remember that amazing night you went to ABBA Voyage and partied like a VIP.

Oceanbird Lounge Entrance, ABBA Arena, London

5. Your drink, your show

Personalise your experience by bringing your chosen beverage from the lounge to the show. Whether it’s a crisp glass of wine or a signature cocktail, this is your night to enjoy music on your terms.

ABBA Cocktails, Oceanbird Lounge

Generous, bountiful and undeniably fun, this VIP experience is your gateway to a memorable evening. Just make sure you and your group select your Oceanbird Lounge tickets for the same date as your ABBA Voyage tickets.

Wishing you the most magical night, maybe we’ll see you there.  

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