The 15 best songs from musicals to work out to

To celebrate World Theatre Day we’ve given the traditional workout playlist a West End refresh.

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With the likes of Diplo, Doja Cat, Charli XCX, and countless fitness personalities and brands everywhere helping us out with home workout routines, we have no shortage of ways to stay fit whilst practising social distancing.

However, it doesn’t take long for the go-to playlist to tire so we’re giving the traditional workout a West End revamp.

Here are our 15 favourite showtunes to exercise to, and you can listen to and follow the playlist on Spotify.

And You Don’t Even Know It from Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

This upbeat intro to the fun-loving musical will make you feel empowered. In fact, you’ll get so stuck in that you’ll be breaking a sweat and you won’t even know it.

And You Don't Even Know It

Shut Up And Raise Your Glass from Moulin Rouge the Musical

This medley of Shut Up And Dance with Me and Raise Your Glass is pop perfection and will keep your workout tempo going – prepare to watch another three minutes of cardio fly by.

Shut Up And Raise Your Glass

Disco Inferno from TINA: The Tina Turner Musical

Motivation is crucial during a home workout so, in lieu of a personal trainer, we present Tina Turner shouting “burn, baby, burn” at you.

Get Down from Six!

This beat is perfect for some strength training so turn up the volume, start those squats, push-ups, and tricep dips and see how long you can get down for.

SIX the Musical - Get Down (from the Studio Cast Recording)

Greased Lightnin’ from Grease!

If the tempo of this track doesn’t get you moving like lightning and channelling the moves of Danny and the T-Birds, then nothing will.

Big Fun from Heathers

The variation of melody in this track makes it perfect for switching up reps. We can’t guarantee it’ll be big fun, but it will stop you from getting bored too quickly.

Big Fun - Heathers: The Musical +LYRICS

My Shot from Hamilton

This is usually the point of a workout where you want to give up so it’s crucial to have a song that gives you some mental strength to help with the physical, and this one will definitely do the trick.

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King from The Lion King

Aspiration and goals are important when it comes to fitness. Maybe yours are slightly different from Simba’s but you can still be inspired by his hype track.

I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Screech In from Come From Away

Just when you thought Come From Away couldn’t be more impactful it’s now found its way into your workout routine. There are some bits of dialogue in the middle but we reckon those are a good opportunity to rest between some high-intensity cardio.

School Of Rock (Teacher’s Pet) from School Of Rock

The battle of the bands hit from School Of Rock will get you working out like a rock star. Air guitar counts as cardio, right?

School of Rock (Teacher's Pet) (Broadway Cast Recording) | SCHOOL OF ROCK: The Musical

Omigod You Guys from Legally Blonde

Working from home feels like a great chance to channel Elle Woods studying whilst on the treadmill. And now there’s a track to match!

Voulez-Vous from MAMMA MIA!

Stick on a YouTube video of almost any dance workout to follow and we guarantee this track will fit in. Remember to employ our self-love tactic by allowing some time for freestyle.

Mamma Mia! - Voulez-Vous - Full Cast

Sincerely, Me from Dear Evan Hansen

The London Marathon may be postponed but you can try running on the spot to this uptempo track. Crack the window open and maybe, just maybe, you might feel like you’ve gone outside.

"Sincerely, Me" from the DEAR EVAN HANSEN Original Broadway Cast Recording

Whose House Is This from Mean Girls

How many of you have ever felt personally victimised by exercise? Well, it’s almost over so take advantage of the rhythm of this track and really get a sweat on.

"Whose House Is This?" | Mean Girls on Broadway

Welcome To The ’60s from Hairspray

We all know the significance of cooling down after a workout so our final track has a slower beat, but an entertaining melody that you can devote the time you need to those all-important stretches.

Welcome To The 60's

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