Slava’s Snowshow returns to London’s Royal Festival Hall

With the magical, wonderful, enchanting winter delight that is Slava’s Snowshow returning to London next month, we look back to 2014 when Minimasters, Caitlin and Ben, discovered the show…

“We got to visit Slava’s Snowshow last week to have fun in all the snow and giggle at the clowns. We thought it was amazing! Here’s why we thought it was so brilliant.

Caitlin, aged 12

“Yesterday I went to Slavas Snowshow. I really enjoyed it and I recommend that you go to see it. It is a fantastic family show perfect for all ages.

slavas snowshow

Slava’s Snowshow is about a funny clown who shares adventures with his friends. The show has many twists and turns and consists of a lot of funny surprises. I really enjoyed the ending, which was amazing! I also enjoyed the coat scene, which was really creative. Overall I think that the show was super, wonderful and well set out and once the show got going it was FABULOUS! I found it really entertaining and a great way to spend my Friday night.”

Ben and C with poster Ben and Caitlin

Ben, aged 7

“I went with my cousin, my nan and my mummy to see Slava’s Snowshow. Slava looked like a clown and walked on stage staring at us. Then his knees went up and down and he looked both ways. He was miming and he didn’t talk in any parts.


Then another clown came on. He had long ears, long shoes and a long coat. He looked very different to Slava. Some more clowns like him came on and one was very, very tall and one was very small. They were really funny. When some of the clowns nearly walked into each other, they had to lift their long ears up.


My favourite bit was when it was nearly the break: Slava was cleaning the stage and he got hold of a huge cobweb and pulled it down all over us so it covered the stage and all of the audience. I wasn’t sure what was going on but it was very exciting. After the break, the clowns had umbrellas with water dripping off them. In the theatre there was snow falling off the balcony.


Finally, when it was the end, a big gust of wind was swirling like a tornado and Slava was in the gust of wind. The wind blew all the snow around us. It was noisy and I thought it was amazing. At the very end lots and lots and lots of very big coloured balls came out to us to punch. Me and my mummy laughed all the way through and would go again next year.”

BY Ben

BY Ben

By Caitlin

By Caitlin

Treat your little ones and the whole family this Christmas with a trip to Slava’s Snowshow – performances are running at the Royal Festival Hall in London until 3 January 2016. Book now at