Review: Five of our favourite Jellicle Cats

Cats is back in the West End for a strictly limited season (only until 2 January 2016) and with Beverley Knight as the new cast for Grizabella we simply had to sneak down to the London Palladium to check out Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece.

After a spot-on purr-formance of all the cast, we couldn’t help but share some kitty love with you.

Cats Palladium

Here are five cats we’d most definitely want to be friends with…

1. Old Deuteronomy
He’s like your grandpa in a way – old, wise, and cuddly. Old Deuteronomy has lived many years and is the Jellycats’ respected leader. We love him because he cares about all cats, even Grizabella. He can see every cat’s values and their place in the tribe. (Played by Adam Linstead)

2. Gus
Everyone loves a good story, right? Gus is your go-to guy for the best stories about his heyday at the theatre. He used to play the famous Growltiger, the roughest cat to roam at large. So Gus tells us the intriguing story about Growltiger’s travels up and down the Thames and his battle with the Siamese. (Played by Paul F Monaghan)

3. Rum Tum Tugger
Rum Tum Tugger is your diva cat on point. He loves the limelight, is always up to something and can’t help but want exactly what he can’t have. The curious cat enjoys all the attention from his fellow female felines Bombalurina, Cassandra and Demeter. Rum Tum Tugger’s best talent? He can rap your socks off. (Played by Marcquelle Ward)

Cats Palladium

4. Grizabella
Grizabella left the tribe many years ago and now the other Jellicle cats refuse to let her back in. Her once so beautiful dress is torn to shreds. None of that takes away from the powerful presence of Grizabella. Beverley Knight completely knocks it out of the park with her rendition of Cats’ most famous song – Memory. (Played by Beverley Knight)

5. Mungojerrie & Rumpelteazer
Cheeky cats are the best cats, let’s admit that. And the pair of Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are the most notorious cheeky cats you’ll meet. The identical twins might be known for their petty theft tendencies but they are way too cute to stay mad at for too long. (Played by Harry Francis and Georgie Leatherland)

The new West End production of Cats is truly the cat’s whiskers and purr-fect for a great night out at the theatre. We’d have a party at the junkyard with these felines any day!

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Photos: Cats / Facebook