The Mousetrap to celebrate its 65th year with new cast

The Mousetrap‘s production at St Martin’s Theatre is heading for its 65th year and a new cast is announced just in time for the celebration. 

Agatha Christie’s classic is the record-holder for the most performances with over 26,500 since it opened in 1952, with Sir Richard Attenborough and his fellow film star and beloved wife Sheila Sim in the leading roles. Now 65 years on the play is still one of the most popular nights out in the West End and the secret of who the murderer is has been kept all this time.

A whole new cast will bring a fresh wind to the West End phenomenon with Karen Archer as Mrs Boyle, Simon Haines as Christopher Wren, Jamie Hutchins as Detective-Sergeant Trotter, Christopher Knott as Major Metcalf, Hannah Lee as Miss Casewell, Simon Roberts as Mr Paravicini, Tom Rooke as Giles Ralston, and Kirsten Hazel Smith as Mollie Ralston.

Having achieved many world records at The Ambassadors Theatre, where it opened, it moved to the St. Martin’s Theatre in March 1974 without missing a performance, and in its new home it has celebrated many more records. Even the clock on the mantelpiece has survived onstage and the original wind machine is still in use to this day.

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