Billie Eilish joins The Simpsons

When Billie Met Lisa sees Eilish remix the famous Simpsons theme song

The list of celebrities that have visited Springfield runs pretty long, but Billie Eilish is now the only one to star in her very own Simpsons short.

When Billie Met Lisa debuts on Disney+ today (Friday 22 April) and sees the global superstar hang out with Lisa Simpson and hum-sing a smokey new sci-fi cover of Danny Elfman’s famous TV theme.

Poking fun at Eilish’s image (check out the neon outside the recording studio that tells passers by what colour her hair is going to be that day), her age (“she’s younger than you?!” laughs Finneas, also making his Springfield debut) and that weird moment when she put a spider in her mouth for the video of ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’, the short packs a lot into its four-minute runtime.

Better still, the new film gives Billie Eilish a chance to record her own version of The Simpsons’ theme song. Joining previous guest stars Green Day and Weezer, Eilish makes it her own – laying her distinctive black-key vocals over Lisa’s new-age sax solo.

The Simpsons - The Simpsons: When Billie Met Lisa Teaser Trailer

When Billie Met Lisa is streaming now on Disney+, and tickets are available here for Billie Eilish’s upcoming June 2022 tour.