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Go behind the scenes with Cirque Du Soleil: LUZIA

Hear from the cast and crew as they bring LUZIA to London's Royal Albert Hall.

30 years since Cirque du Soleil first arrived on UK shores, the company has brought their water and light based LUZIA show to London’s Royal Albert Hall. LUZIA opened on 12 January 2020, bringing the Mexican dream to the UK for the very first time, with shows scheduled until 1 March 2020.

LUZIA takes audiences inside an imaginary Mexico, between dream and reality, and brings never-before-seen acts and production to the Royal Albert Hall.

The production passes from an old movie set to the ocean, and from a smoky dance hall to the desert. Built on the unique vibrancy of Mexico and its culture, LUZIA brings together the places, faces and sounds of the country – both tradition and modernity.

The Royal Albert Hall sees rain fall onto the stage, with a mix of acrobatic and artistic scenes, for the first for a Cirque du Soleil touring production.

LUZIA features Cry Wheel artists rolling and spinning under the rain, Trapeze artists flying and twirling through the showers, and Hoop Diving on gigantic treadmills.

Other performers include a male contortionist, powerful Aerial Straps, a juggler tossing seven pins at breakneck speed, and football freestylers blending street dance and ball manipulation.

LUZIA arrives in London’s Royal Albert Hall following the success of TOTEM, which ran at the iconic London venue at the start of 2019.

Above, the cast and technical crew open up about the unique nature of the show, and on life on the road with the Cirque Du Soleil company.

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