Review: Cirque Du Soleil’s LUZIA stuns in London

The show celebrated its star-studded European premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall.

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Having toured the show across North America, Cirque Du Soleil celebrates the European premiere of their Mexican inspired LUZIA at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Pairing seemingly superhuman feats with breathtaking sets and stunning music, LUZIA builds on the traditional Cirque formula with the addition of brilliantly integrated water. Far from a mere gimmick, it weaves into the very fabric of the show, from the plot of adventure and discovery to the varied performances. A particular highlight sees a performer spin into the air, basked in white light, with water spiralling off him – part of the exact choreography.

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A celebration of central America, LUZIA begins with the hapless protagonist – their own variation on the circus clown – crash landing in a waking dream of Mexico. Here he is met by vivid interpretations of Mexican culture unfolding through jaw-dropping acrobatics and skill, from juggling to trapeze, and from aerial straps to hoop diving.

Accompanied by a live band blending the traditional with the contemporary, the action utilises the full scale of London’s Royal Albert Hall, switching from the circular stage to the very rafters. A huge amount of attention has been paid to the look and atmosphere; the show’s opening an early visual feast. The rotating stage plays host to acrobatic feats, nature and wildlife brought to life by a team of expert performers, as the venue is basked in vibrant colour.

LUZIA effortlessly glides from all-out action to comedic respites. Acrobats fly high into the air, often two at a time, whilst the tale’s lead character encourages various moments of laughter from the audience. Without a moment’s notice, the Royal Albert Hall switches from pin-drop silence to seemingly involuntary expressions of awe, not least as the contortionist folds into impossible positions.

With LUZIA, Cirque Du Soleil add another powerful string to an already solid bow, one that thrives on its vibrant interpretation of culture, tradition and imagination. Brimming with colour, elevated by intricate stage design – not least through the magical combination of the rotating stage, water and lighting – and enhanced by its atmospheric music, LUZIA builds a perfect platform for the dazzling performances that push the very limits of possibility.

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