2016 preview: Comedy UK tours

There are a heap of brilliant comedians touring the UK this year, from Billy Connolly’s fearless High Horse show to Peter Kay’s unique Dance for Life fundraisers.

Scroll down for some of our top picks and head to for full listings and tickets.

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey – Limboland

Having received rave reviews up and down the country last year, Billy Bailey’s Limboland continues across UK theatres in 2016. “Bailey is still at the top of the game,” said The Times. While The Telegraph dubbed him “the brainiest comedian of his generation”.

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Billy Connolly 2016

Billy Connolly – High Horse tour 

His first Apollo stint in six years, the Scottish actor and comedian has been met with standing ovations as he delivers what must surely be one of the most honest and fearless stand-up shows of all time. Talking openly about being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, High Horse presents Billy Connolly at his bravest.

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Ed Byrne - Outside, Looking In

Ed Byrne – Outside, Looking In 

His tour bio may read like a modest tale of a comedian got lucky, but Ed Byrne is much more than a funny chap with a talent for witty story-telling. But he’s definitely that, too. See him tour the UK this month!

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Sarah Millican 2016 tour

Sarah Millican: Outsider

After selling out all 120 dates on her debut tour, Sarah Millican is back on the road and returns with a new show this January and February. Covering everything from homemade treadmills to awkward party food fails. Love her on TV? You’ll love her even more live.

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Katherine Ryan - Kathbum

Katherine Ryan – Kathbum

After selling out at the Fringe, the Live at the Apollo regular and firm panel-show favourite headlines theatres in the UK this January and February. A show of two halves, expect the Canadian/Irish comedian to switch between celebrity culture and her personal life seamlessly.

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart – What Now 

One of the most loved comedians in today’s entertainment industry, Kevin Hart brings his huge What Now world tour to the UK this January. Having worked relentlessly since 2014, there’s plenty for the actor and comedian to mull over on stage.

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Ruby Wax: Sane New World

Ruby Wax: Sane New World 

Comedian, writer, mental health campaigner, Ruby Wax brings her one-woman show to the West End following a sell-out UK tour. Planning to give audiences ‘a tour of the brain and how to tame it’, she explains, “We know so much about how the world works – but so little about how our own minds work. It’s like having a Ferrari on top of your head but no one gave you the keys.”

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David O'Doherty

David O’Doherty – We Are All in the Gutter…

Armed with a 1986 keyboard, the Irish comedian reflects on some of his glass-half-empty attitudes with hilarious chat and song. There aren’t many better ways to escape reality.

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Lee Nelson - Suited & Booted

Lee Nelson – Suited and Booted

Gone is the cap and scruffy sportswear, in comes the fitted tailoring and polished shoes. Suited & Boot, indeed, with topics turning from family life and fatherhood, to politics and religion.

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Frankie Boyle - Hurt Like You've Never Been Loved

Frankie Boyle – Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved 

Having already been described as a ‘harrowing onstage breakdown’, this tour will mark the only theatre performances of this show. Boyle has written this new set not to tour, but as a fierce response to Kendrick Lamar’s last album. After these stand-up performances the ball will very much be in Kendrick’s court…

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Stewart Francis - Pun Gent

Stewart Francis – Pun Gent

‘Perfectly crafted gags,’ said The Sunday Times. The star of Mock The Week, Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow and Live at the Apollo, embarks on a brand new stand up tour this February with a fantastic and hilarious new show.

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Jimeoin - Yeehaa!

Jimeoin – Yeehaa! 

“It’s observational comedy,” Jimeoin told us at the Fringe last August. “But I prefer the term ‘people watcher’.” With a sharp wit and an unrivalled passion for pointing out life’s more absurd moments, Yeehaa! is a must for any fan of the English-born Irish comedian.

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Peter Kay's Dance for Life

Peter Kay’s Dance for Life

For the first time ever the award winning comedian Peter Kay will be hosting a series of ambitious fundraising ‘dance-a-thon parties’ with all of the profits going to Cancer Research UK. The three-hour events will each take place across seven Saturday nights at seven different arenas across the UK, starting in Bournemouth this month.

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Citizen Khan

Citizen Khan – They All Know Me! 

Adil Ray is bringing the much-loved, self-appointed community leader, Mr Khan to the stage in May 2016. Catch the tour in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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Ross Noble 2016

Ross Noble – Brain Dump

The king of improvisational comedy is back with his 15th tour. Following a tour of Australia, Brain Dump reaches the UK in September 2016 and runs until December 2016.

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Sara Pascoe 2016

Sara Pascoe – Animal

All animals evolved, but only humans evolved to the point of knowing they evolved.This troubling and confusing position is explored in a creative and honest way in a show about empathy and its limitations. Expect a mixture of completely true stories and some very, definitely not true tales.

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Brian Conley 2016

Brian Conley – Alive and Dangerous

The multi-talented and irrepressible Brian Conley returns to the stage in this all-new touring show. Showcasing his many talents, there’ll be singing, laughs, and much much more in this latest variety show from one of Britain’s most loved performers.

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