Summer of World Athletics resale scheme launched

Organisers of the World Para Athletics Championships and the IAAF World Championships London 2017 have launched a resale scheme to ensure the tickets end up in fans’ hands.

The scheme allows those who are no longer able to use their purchased tickets to re-sell them via the official website to genuine fans of athletics. The process launches at 10AM on the 6 March 2017, with current ticket holders able to mark them as available. As tickets are not out in the real world yet, only resales through the official site will be genuine.

“Ticket sales for both Championships have proved a huge success with a number of sessions massively over-subscribed and with that comes a responsibility towards genuine athletics fans,” says London 2017 Ltd Championship Director Niels de Vos.

“Launching the resale platform ensures that people with genuine reasons for resale have a chance to realise the face value of their ticket by selling to another fan.

“The Summer of World Athletics is the biggest sporting event in the world in 2017 and we are acknowledging that with a robust and fan-friendly ticketing service that offers re-sellers and buyers security that no other platform can offer.”

From 10AM on the 8 March 2017 all remaining tickets will go back on sale, including those marked as available through resale. Tickets were taken off sale over the last few weeks to allocate stadium seats.

To mark tickets as available from 10AM on the 6 March 2017, and to purchase remaining and resale tickets from 10AM on 8 March 2017, head to the official Summer of World Athletics ticket site.