Minimasters attend WRU Training Day with Sam Warburton

Minimasters Brecon and Shoni took part in this exclusive coaching session.

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Head coach Warren Gatland’s side, Wales Rugby Union (WRU), will begin their final international season leading into the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. They will face Scotland, Australia, Tonga and South Africa in this autumn’s Under Armour Series at Principality Stadium in consecutive Saturdays throughout November 2018.

Minimasters Brecon and Shoni attended the SW7 training day in partnership with WRU which was delivered by Sam Warburton and WRU community coaches. Here’s what Brecon thought of the exciting day.

On 31 October 2018, my brother Shoni and I joined Sam Warbuton and the WRU coaches for a training day. It was fantastic, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I have been playing rugby since I was 5 years old, so to get a chance to train with Sam at a WRU training day was an absolute honour.

We were shown around the facilities at the National Centre which is where the Welsh team train. Then we got to meet Sam Warbuton and had the opportunity to train with him.

My brother is learning to play rugby, but he kept going the wrong way – I don’t think he’ll ever get to play for Wales.

Then, we had time for a Q&A session with Sam. It was fun and interesting to find out that his worst injury was when his nail fell off, and that his favourite junk food is McDonalds.

All photos were provided by Brecon, Shoni and family.

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