Find out what happened when Minimasters went to British Athletics

On Saturday 18 February, a whole host of Minimasters attended the Müller Indoor Grand Prix at Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena – here’s what they got up to!

Many Rio Olympic champions competed alongside some of the best athletes in the world at the state of the art Barclaycard Arena in February, including four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah, record breaker Laura and Andrew Pozzi.

We sent Minimasters Orson, Maisie, Caoimhe, Sonny, Christo, Freddie, Robbie, Kimmy and Lexie to check out the event and meet some of the stars – here’s what they made of their day out.

Tell us about what you went to see?

Kimmy: We went to the Indoor Athletics Grand Prix in Birmingham and we were all really excited.

Maisie: It was great because we got to see Mo Farah run the 5,000 metres for his very last indoor event.

Caoimhe: We got to see all the athletes train and saw Robbie Grabarz, Mo Farah and Dina Asher-Smith do a speech about how it felt to appear at the event.

What did you do there?

Caoimhe: We got to run on the athletics track, see the athletes train and even meet some of them! It was brilliant because we got to go everywhere!

Maisie: It was really great because got to have a tour of the arena, interview some athletes and watch loads of events like the long jump, high jump, hurdles, pole vaults and track events.

Lexie: My favourite event was the pole vault because I would really like to learn how to do it. I enjoyed seeing the athletes and cheering them on.

Kimmy: Running around the track was great because it felt spring and my feet gripped really well. It helped me understand what the athletes would feel like running their races.

Freddie: It was great to see Mo Farah win his race and then meet him after his victory – he was AMAZING!

Robbie: It was really fun hanging out with all the other Minimasters on the day. It was really funny when they did the Kiss Cam during the events – we all laughed at that!

Who else did you meet?

Maisie: I had a selfie with Mo Farah and got his autograph – that was really cool!

Robbie: We got to interview Andrew Pozzi, Dina Asher-Smith and Laviai Nielsen, they were all really nice and it was great to get some tips from them!

Caoimhe: I got to meet Robbie Grabraz, too!

What was your favourite thing about the event?

Christo: I really enjoyed the men’s high jump because it looked like they were doing backflips.

Robbie: Definitely meeting Andrew Pozzi! He was amazing!

Freddie: When Mo won his race because he is my favourite athlete! Although I also found I was really inspired by the long jump!

Lexie: I loved meeting the mascot bears. I had lots of photos with them and I got a souvenir one to take home and called it Danielle.

Kimmy: My two highlights were seeing Mo race and I also loving having a go at the Müller activities.

Why do you think people should book tickets to see live athletics?

Maisie: It’s an amazing event where you get to see athletes from all over the world. There are also lots of different sports to see.

Lexie: There was a lot to watch all day. It was great fun running the track and in the Müller zone.

Kimmy: On the TV you can’t catch every moment and the excitement in the stadium was so much better than seeing things on the TV. Expect lots of fun and sore hands from clapping. I thought the ‘kiss cam’ was really funny

Caoimhe: As Minimasters, we got to do loads like meet athletes, run on their track and get VIP seating. But just being there was really cool! I can’t wait to go again!

Robbie: It’s so much better to watch it live than see it on TV!

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