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Get to know London’s new immersive experience, SOMNAI

Explore the real of lucid dreaming to make you more in waking life.

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SOMNAI will make your dreams come true – all you have to do is SLEEP.

London’s new immersive experience invites fans to explore lucid dreaming and to master their subconscious mind. SOMNAI offers a twist on the live experience, brought together by dotdotdot who specialise in mixing live performance, multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies.

“SOMNAI is a fantastical dream-themed story and world that plays with the real and the virtual,” Creative Director Connie Harrison explains. “Using immersive technologies in disruptive ways such as collective VR scenes – when VR is so often a solitary experience – layered with other physical elements like a touch, a scent, a smell or a gentle breeze. In SOMNAI, we’ve focused entirely on how people feel, keeping participants in the moment and allowing them to forget about the outside world. We don’t want to give too much away, but SOMNAI is as uplifting and magical as it is dark and sinister… because not all dreams are sweet.”



Taking on the human desire to become more, SOMNAI places humanity in the hands of an all powerful AI, who has “good intentions but unusual methods”, according to the event’s description.

Lasting for 90 minutes, the experience is spread over two fllors of an old printing plant in Clerkenwell, London. It takes visitors deep into their own psyche, making choices that reveal the true you.

“No-one’s path will be the same, but whatever happens, SOMNAI will make sure you leave enlightened,” the event adds.

The over 18 only experience culminates in an illuminated bar, integrating projection mapping that changes as visitors enjoy drinks designed to play with perceptions.

The unique experience opens on the 1 March 2018 in Clerkenwell, London.

Organisers have warned the the experience is unsuitable for under 18 years old and those of a nervous disposition. The experience deals with adult themes that some may find confronting, disorientating or uncomfortable. It is unsuitable for those who suffer from motion sickness, dizziness, psychological or neurological conditions.

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