Travis Scott closes day two of Wireless 2023 

As storm clouds rolled in at Wireless 2023 on Saturday night, Finsbury Park was transformed into Travis Scott’s Utopia

The ethereal call of an eagle marked the birth of Travis Scott’s Utopia. Tendrils of smoke drifted across the Main Stage, indistinguishable from the opaque storm clouds rolling across the sky. Kudos to the production team for timing the weather so well… 

From the scape of this new world, a figure emerged. Travis Scott climbed over boulders and stalagmites to reach the formation’s peak. A crack of fireworks; a roar of flames – the energy matched that of the supernovas imploding on the stage screens. Mike Dean’s synth intros were the cue for the crowd to open up before the drop of each song, starting with ASTROWORLD‘s ‘Butterfly Effect’ and JACKBOYS‘ ‘Highest In The Room’. 

Fireballs warmed onlookers across the park; the heat was scorching for those at the front. Scott quickfires through ‘MAFIA’ – “This is my favourite song, so sing along with it!” – ‘90210’ and ‘Beibs In The Trap’. At ‘Antidote’ he’d clambered down from the rocks to rise once more on a platform. 

Travis Scott and Sexyy Red at Wireless Festival 2023
Photo credit: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

“We love +44 over here. I wanna do something before we kick it off”, he mused, inviting Sexyy Red to the stage for her second appearance of the weekend to celebrate one month since the release of her album, Hood Hottest Princess. Once she’d reached the end of smash hit ‘Pound Town’, he made a request. “Before you get off the stage you gotta do one of my favourite songs. I don’t care if they don’t know it”. We did. After many “SkeeYees!”, a high five and a hug, she left. 

‘SICKO MODE’ came next, sounding especially epic with more flames and pyrotechnics. His ‘Goosebumps’ finale was prefaced with a cryptic message. “I can’t wait to see you all in Utopia. I can’t wait to see you at the pyramids…”. His Sunday Instagram post filled us in: “LIVE STREAM TRANSMITTING FROM EGYPT. THE PYRAMIDS. JULY 28.”

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Photo credit: Joseph Okpako / Getty