COIN climb the walls at London’s Electric Ballroom

The Tennessee pop rockers take the roof of the Camden venue with their infectious energy

From the moment they walk out onstage at Camden’s Electric Ballroom, COIN are bouncing off the walls. Their portfolio of pop rock mostly isn’t of the sunshiny variety, but there’s a happy giddiness to the group that is part of what makes them such endearing live performers. Drummer Ryan Winnen crashes away happily behind his kit in a shirt, tie and shorts, occasionally waving to the crowd. Guitarist Joe Memmel, in a kilt and beret, is having the time of his life. Touring bassist Matt Martin, comically chilled by comparison, looks on in warm amusement.

COIN - Crash My Car (Lyric Video)

And then there’s front man Chase Lawrence. Faced with a highly vocal and adoring crowd, he wheels between euphoric romps over the stage and moments of stillness. One second he’s hanging off the rigging and clambering atop of Winnen’s drum kit; the next he’s stood with his head bowed and the microphone held down by his hip, listening as Electric Ballroom sings to him.

COIN - Talk Too Much (Video)

COIN are incredibly engaging performers. Lawrence’s energy is boundless, his behaviour onstage entertainingly erratic, but his stunts don’t feel forced and his onstage persona is far from crafted. Instead, this is an infectiously enthusiastic group of artists who get back the energy they put out. They’ve also produced some addictive pop, with fan favourites ‘Crash My Car’ and ‘Talk Too Much’ marking especial highlights.

COIN - Into My Arms (Official Video)

“The idea that this could exist outside of a dorm room is crazy to us,” says Lawrence at one point. But the evidence that COIN are now far, far beyond college jam sessions is undeniable. In ‘Into My Arms’, another set highlight, Lawrence comes to balance on the barrier, propped up by fans and sings with them rather than to them, hundreds of hands reaching out to him. The image is almost religious.

COIN - Valentine (Lyric Video)

COIN tread that line between the serious and unserious incredibly well, genuine in their connection to their audience and material and often lighthearted in their delivery. Their infectious, danceable indie pop is full of longing. Select lyrics and song titles that appear projected behind them (You ever love something so much it hurts?) are partially obscured by a giant 3D ladybird with which they share the stage. It’s no wonder that they’ve become such a hit with Gen-Z.

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