You too, go to Waterloo!

It was the greatest battle they had ever seen. It marked the end of Napoleon, the making of an English hero and a unique alliance between Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia.

As the Battle of Waterloo secured its place as one of the greatest battles ever fought, this year marks the 200th anniversary of this incredible event. Wellington, who oversaw the British victory, described it as ‘the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life’.

In June 2015, that very same battle will be recreated in real life by real people in the very same place the original battles occurred 200 years ago. With over 5000 re-enactors, 300 horses and 100 cannons, this is the most epic battle to be recreated out of the history books.

Buy your tickets here and join the 120,000 spectators who will be watching history come alive.