Yard Act get stuck at New Zealand border with loads of limes

Though perhaps we should take this with a pinch of salt...

Leeds post-punk band Yard Act reportedly got themselves into a bit of a pickle last night while trying to bring lots of limes into New Zealand.

The band were squeezing in a couple of performances in Auckland to get their juices flowing before heading to Australia for a string of performances at Laneway Festival, and were notified by a promoter that the limes on their rider would cost £60 due to the country’s shortage of the citrus fruit.

In response, the band decided to bring a large amount of limes with them. “Told em to scrap our lime rider and swung by aldi on way to airport,” they wrote in a Tweet, “Auckland If you’re after limes come see us at merch. Got loads.”

However, their charitable intentions were not fruitful; both antipodean islands naturally have a very strict customs and biosecurity policies, as fans were quick to point out. “Great idea,” said one follower, “but you can’t take flora or fauna, including limes, into NZ. You can’t even take the mud that’s stuck in the grips of your hiking boots which were in your suitcase!”

“Limes into NZ… it’s just not worth it lads,” said another.

Just a few hours later, Yard Act Tweeted: “Currently stuck at border patrol with near 500 limes. Appreciate the warnings but you need to tweet us faster next time.”

As well as their scratchy, angular guitar riffs and cutting social commentary, the band are also well known for their dry sense of humour, so of course this may all be done in zest. Expect James Smith and co. to repeat these antics on their May UK tour.

Yard Act may have Limes Limes Limes Limes Limes, but we have Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons