The first trailer is out for the Elephant 6 documentary

Watch the trailer for The Elephant 6 Recording Company here

Back in 2019, a documentary about the Elephant 6 Recording Company was released – technically. Flyers posted around different cities advertised a mysterious number that, when called, allowed you to collect a free VHS copy of the doc, with the stipulation that you returned it after it had been watched.

It was all the very definition of a limited release, but now director C.B. Stockfleth is making the film more widely accessible. A significantly updated version of The Elephant 6 Recording Company will premiere at the DOC NYC film festival on November 10, with an additional screening on November 15 and further screenings at festivals in Denver and Minneapolis.

The documentary will also be available to screen at home between 11-27 November for those willing to purchase a virtual screening ticket through DOC NYC. The team behind the doc are also working on plans to release it more widely in the future, possibly as soon as 2023.

The Elephant 6 Recording Company follows the loosely defined collective of US bands with an interest in 60s psychedelic pop, including Neutral Milk Hotel, the Olivia Tremor Control and Apples In Stereo. Watch the trailer below:

The Elephant 6 Recording Co. (Documentary 2022) | DOC NYC Festival Official Teaser