Pavement are getting their own musical 

Slanted! Enchanted! A Pavement Musical is a very real thing, debuting in New York next month

Bob Marley has one. The Drifters have one. Even Spider-Man had one. So why can’t Pavement have their own musical? They can, of course, because apparently anything is possible now – and the chapter of lo-fi indie rock history the band helped re-write is about to get even longer, weirder and a lot more musical.   

Slanted! Enchanted! A Pavement Musical is coming to New York for two performances in December. Directed Alex Ross Perry, the show about Stephen Malkmus’ groundbreaking band will star Michael Esper, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Kathryn Gallagher. The exact plot is still under wraps, described only as being about “the majesty and mystery of Pavement, one of rock music’s most unique treasures, brought to life on the stage for an abbreviated, unforgettable stand.”

Perry, who directed the punk drama Her Smell along with the video for Pavement’s ‘Harness Your Hopes’ seems like a good fit for the show, but then it’s hard to know what to expect from one of the oddest musical adaptations ever announced. Will it feature an Oklahoma crossover for ‘Range Life’? A chorus from both wings for ‘Stereo’? Will the front row be splash seats for ‘Spit On A Stranger’? Yes, no and maybe to all of the above. 

Pavement- "Harness Your Hopes" (Official Music Video)

Slanted! Enchanted! A Pavement Musical opens at New York’s Sheen Center on 1 and 2 December. There’s no word yet on a national or international run, but harness your hopes now.