Mariah Carey reveals plans to rerelease secret alt-rock album

Carey recorded Someone’s Ugly Daughter under the moniker Chick, but her lead vocals were ultimately replaced

In her 2020 memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the global superstar revealed that whilst working on her huge album Daydream, she and her band had actually embarked on another, very different project. Writing and recording an entire album of alt-rock tracks, they entitled it Someone’s Ugly Daughter, planning to release it with Carey’s vocals but under the alias of a band called Chick.

Sony/BMG agreed to release the album, but had reservations about Carey’s distinctive vocals being used. Carey was ultimately replaced on lead vocals by her friend and collaborator Clarissa Dane. The record disappeared into obscurity, not to be heard of again until Mariah made her startling revelation. Now, we may get to hear the original version.

In 2020, Carey tweeted that she was “on a quest to unearth the version of this album with my lead vocals and will not stop until we find it.” Well, it looks like she’s found it.

“We actually have it,” she told Rolling Stone. “I’m working on a version where there will be another artist working with me.”

There’s no word yet on who the other artist will be or what this project will look like, but apparently the (controversially titled) Queen of Christmas is planning on delivering us yet another gift.