Eddie Munson finally meets Metallica

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn met Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza and joined them in playing ‘Master Of Puppets’

Warning: spoilers ahead for Stranger Things. To be honest though, if you’ve somehow managed to avoid knowing what happens to Eddie Munson at the end of Season 4, you’re probably struggling to read this under that rock anyway… 

Becoming one of the cultural touchstones of the year by starring in 2022’s “most metal ever” moment, Munson (played by actor Joseph Quinn) fought off a legion of demon bats by climbing on the roof of a van and blasting out Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’. Catapulting the track up the charts ever since (although not quite as fast as Stranger Things’ other big song), the scene has become one of the show’s many success stories – thrilling Metallica, who have taken to social media wearing Hellfire Club T-shirts and incorporating footage of the show in their live sets. 

Inviting Quinn backstage before their Lollapalooza set on Thursday night, Metallica finally had a chance to play their biggest 1986 hit in person with the actor. 

“Thanks for doing it justice by the way, you definitely did”, says James Hetfield, meeting Quinn for the first time and chatting about how big a fan of the show him and his kids are. Jamming with Quinn (who spent months perfecting the chords to ‘Master Of Puppets’), Metallica gifted him a signed guitar and invited him to join the band full time. 

“We have an announcement” laughs Lars Ulrich. “Metallica is now a five piece!”

Credit: Netflix