Doja Cat asks Elon Musk to help her change her Twitter name

Changes to the platform meant that the musician’s name accidently got stuck as "Christmas"

Twitter has undergone a few changes after being purchased by Elon Musk, including a new option to buy a blue verified tick on a monthly basis – something that came back to bite the mogul after a parody account was able to successfully pose as Tesla for a few hours.

Another adaptation to the social networking site now makes it harder for users to easily change their names on the platform. Doja Cat learnt this the hard way when she changed her name on the site to “Christmas” and was unable to change it back.

After a series of confused tweets, she tweeted: “i don’t wanna be christmas forever @elonmusk please help i’ve made a mistake”

“Working on it!” replied Musk.

After Musk was able to resolve the issue for Doja and a fan sent her detailed instructions on how to change her name, Doja instead decided to go a different way. She set her username to “fart”.