All the highlights from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Everything you need to know about what went down in Turin for the annual celebration of pop, sequins and political voting

There was something special about the most recent Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Perhaps it was the way that the contest brought an entire content (and Australia) together in time of uncertainty and unrest, but it was probably the national feeling that the UK had its first real shot in years with Sam Ryder. For all the emotion, however, there was still plenty of ridiculousness to enjoy in last night’s show. Is it even Eurovision if the hosts don’t make you want to cringe into your torso?

Here are some of our favourite moments from Saturday’s festivities.

Laura Pausini singing her entire catalogue of music

You’d think a medley would be enough, but no! Two hours later and she’s at it again, this time acapella. Also, an extra commendation must go to Laura and Mika for, between them, managing to wear every vibrant colour ever conceived.

The Rasmus - Jezebel - LIVE - Finland 🇫🇮 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022

Finland’s IT reference

When you’ve got the forehead for it, flaunt it. Also, witnesses at the event have confirmed that the balloon was bobbing in the background of other performances for quite a large chunk of the evening.

Serbia’s inexplicable – but inexplicably catchy – number

They’re about two years late on the handwashing PSA but there is something addictive about the clapping. Also, shout out Meghan Markle.

Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana - LIVE - Norway 🇳🇴 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022

Norway’s banana-loving wolves

Somehow, Norway knew that in a night absolutely bursting at the seams with ballads there was nothing we needed more than Jim and Keith. Eurovision is at its best when absolutely no one can explain what’s going on.

Speaking of which, Mika

Did Mika attend a single rehearsal? Was he even aware which countries were competing? All we know is that the popstar was impressively dead-eyed in a neon pink suit, and that if he could have shown up, done his medley and gone home, he would have.

Interval Act: Mika Medley (Love Today / Grace Kelly / Yo-Yo / Happy Ending) - Eurovision 2022 Turin

Speaking of which, Mika’s medley

Never has a man been more excited for anything than Graham Norton was for Mika’s interval medley, and rightly so. The performance was a joyful celebration of queerness and self-expression that had every right to take place on the Eurovision stage. Bravo.

Martin Österdahl, AKA Mr. Eurovision

Thanks to a little interference from you can probably guess who, Eurovision Song Contest’s Executive Supervisor got plenty of screentime when he was forced to step in and distribute points on behalf of a few different juries. The internet collectively fell in love.

Eurovision 1992 - Linda Martin - Why me?

Linda Martin, the Ghost of Eurovision Past

The woman who won the contest 30 years ago slipped into something of a ‘back in my day’ monologue whilst giving Ireland’s points. It was a moment that left Ireland and Britain smiling, and the rest of Europe wondering whose drunk aunt that was.

The UK’s Manchester name drop

Another confusing presenter moment came when the UK’s representative (AJ Odudu) decided to drop in that she was calling from Greater Manchester, with enough excitement to make the rest of Europe wonder if they’d misremembered our capital city.

The presenters offering us a CD

Laura Pausini and Mika treated us to a slightly painful skit about the official Eurovision CD and DVD, and somehow the punchline wasn’t that in the year of 2022 we were being sold a CD and DVD.

The phrase ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING’ trending on Twitter

As the points were given out and the UK continued to cling to the top of the leaderboard, absolute disbelief mounted across the nation. We were even interviewed not once but twice in the green room. You know, like actual contestants.

WINNER’S PERFORMANCE: Kalush Orchestra - Stefania - Ukraine - Eurovision 2022 - Turin

Ukraine receiving 439 points from the public

Disappointing as it was to see Sam Ryder get so close to the crown and not quite take it, the moment in which the presenters revealed the huge outpouring of public support for Ukraine was a beautiful one.

Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN - LIVE - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022

And of course, Sam Ryder

Mr. Space Man himself put on a truly brilliant performance for the UK, and more than that, completely changed our relationship with the contest. It was wonderful to be able to take so much pride in our representative – let’s hope he’s set a precedent.

Tickets are on sale now for Sam Ryder’s 2022 UK tour dates, available here.
Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS