Ten lyrics to try as chat-up lines

Sometimes, only a song can really capture your true feelings for a situation.

We’ve rounded up some of the finest one-liners from the likes of One Direction, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to give us a little guidance in the dating department.

Scroll down for some lyrical inspiration to help you melt some hearts (or at least raise a few eyebrows) this Valentine’s Day…

Ed Sheeran lyric

Oh, Ed.

One Direction lyrics

Not everyone could get away with Niall Horan’s levels of honesty.

Oasis lyrics

Instead, go for a classic.

Eminem lyrics


Good Charlotte lyrics

Now that’s one way to get a debate going…

Balance and Composure lyrics

Everyone loves an optimist, don’t they?

Frozen lyric


Rihanna and Maroon 5 lyrics

Be irresistible.

Katy Perry lyrics

Warning: things may move fast.

Taylor Swift lyrics

…and if all else fails.