Photo Diary: Amber Run @ The Great Escape Festival 2014

Anthemic rockers Amber Run kept a photo diary of their antics at this year’s Great Escape Festival – check out the photos below:

Amber Run TGE 3

Clearly extremely excited to get back on the road

Amber Run TGE 2

I see you.

Amber Run TGE 6

Probably breaking the law practicing for an acoustic session. No seatbelt? True rockstars.

Amber Run TGE 4

Sleepy Felix.

Amber Run TGE 8

All got a bit much for Will.

Amber Run TGE

After the Above Audio show, rushed into the van for an acoustic session

Amber Run TGE 5

Backstage normally consists of us sitting on old sofas talking about nothing in particular.

Amber Run TGE 7

Waiting to go onstage. As ever Felix is fully focused.

Amber Run TGE 9

The Great Escape was amazing…

Amber Run TGE 10

…big thanks to The Great Escape for having us.

Amber Run’s current single Spark is out now.