Meet the bands performing at the TGE Presents free London show

Velvetine, Saloon Dion and Flat Party play the first of a series of festival teaser shows as The Great Escape teams up with Ticketmaster New Music – get to know them here

The Great Escape is fast approaching, and there’s nothing like a live music party – and a free one at that – to get us in the mood for the festival taking over the seaside haven of Brighton this May.

Velvetine, Saloon Dion and Flat Party take the stage at The Old Blue Last on Thursday 22 February, offering a sneak peek of the talented, 100+ emerging acts to come. Brooding shoegaze melodies and restless alt rock riffs are all in a night’s work for the bands powering the first show of The Great Escape Presents, hosted by Ticketmaster New Music. Read on to get a taste of what to expect.


VELVETINE Live at The George Tavern

With just three singles under their belt, Londoners Velvetine – comprised of Mia Scarlet, Ross Fernyhough, Joshua Rowell and Gabriel Powell – pack a punch with introverted and atmospheric melodies. Speaking of bringing down the curtain on the “freak show” that is the needless outside noise of everyday life, the band’s angsty debut single ‘Curtainsong’ rolls grunge, gothic and psych rock all into one. The foursome tune into a different frequency for follow-up ‘Hideaway’, slowing down the pace while raising the alarm on a world ruled by big money, yet blinded to the environmental disaster looming. Contrasting ominous vocals and jangly guitars, ‘Everyday Masquerade’ paints moody dreamscapes reminiscent of Mazzy Star, revealing a band increasingly at the crossroads of contemporary alt rock, shoegaze and post-punk.

Saloon Dion

Saloon Dion – Happiness (Official video)

Making a pit stop in London on their way to the beach, wandering Bristolians Saloon Dion are purveyors of a more anarchic brand of Britpop. By turns catchy and cacophonous, the proudly DIY five-piece create a collage of uncompromising punk and undeniable indie pop hookiness. Singles such as ‘HEY HEY’ and ‘Throbber’ juggle danceable rhythms and idiosyncratic Talking Heads vibes, an explosive cocktail that transforms their live shows into raucous, sing and jump-along affairs. Their four-track debut EP, Muckers (2023), comes loaded with insolent riffs and adrenaline-pumping choruses, all enthusiastically tested on the road – meaning that their performance here has a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee.

Flat Party

Flat Party - Aching For Living (Official Video)

With their new, eponymous EP produced by Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine, Black Country New Road), London’s Flat Party are here to stir the indie waters with a blend of emotional ambition and sharp humour. There is layered imagery, poetry and politics fuelling the band’s riffs and thoughtful lyrics, where French philosopher Albert Camus rubs shoulders with various members of the British Cabinet. Behind misleadingly uplifting harmonies, stories of pain and loneliness unfold. But the six-strong gang, fronted by singer-songwriter Jack Lawther, are careful not to take themselves too seriously, pairing their modern pop sensibilities with startling twists and a generous helping of art rock flamboyance.

TGE Presents Flat Party, Saloon Dion & Velvetine takes place at The Old Blue Last, London on Thursday 22 February – free tickets are available here