Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance cheers up the internet

Katy Perry is the talk on the internet today, as she performed at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show last night.

It took approximately 60 seconds for Perry’s flamboyant stage show to be edited down, speeded up and transformed into some of the best gifs you’ll see this week. So we’ve gone and picked our favourites to watch again and again.

Expect to see a LOT of these sharks on your Facebook feed today…

Katy Perry Super Bowl sharks

They weren’t the only pals the Roar singer brought to the stage…

Katy Perry Super Bowl roar

Not to mention special guests, as she was joined by Lenny Kravitz and his super fierce riffs.

Katy Perry Super Bowl Lenny Kravitz

Then Missy Elliott made like Kim Kardashian and almost broke the internet by bringing EVEN MORE sass to the Super Bowl stage. Incredible.


‘Baby, you’re a fireeeewooooork!’

Katy Perry Super Bowl firework

Let’s not forget about Beyoncé in all of this. Even the songstress’ 2014 performance had been given the dancing shark treatment by the time Britain woke up today.

Katy Perry Super Bowl Beyonce

Phew! We need a lie down after that.