Nina Nesbitt talks style with Ticketmaster Blogger Sophie Eggleton

2016 is going to be a busy one for Nina Nesbitt. She’s just returned with her sassy new single Chewing Gum and EP Modern Love and announced a string of UK shows this May.

With London Fashion Week kicking off today, we wanted to chat all things style with the Scottish singer-songwriter.

Not only is she a regular on the front row, but she’s become a style icon in her own right, having been shot by esteemed Vogue photographer Damon Baker and become a muse to AEO jeans. As Calvin Klein’s social media ambassador, she was also personally chosen to cover a global event in Hong Kong with Justin Bieber. She clearly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion.

Read her full interview with Ticketmaster Blogger, Sophie Eggleton…

Fashion Week is approaching. What shows are you hoping to attend?

“Definitely Julien MacDonald. I’ll wait and see what others are on, it’s all pretty last minute.”

How much do you fret about your outfit before heading to a show or fashion event? 

“Once I leave the house I don’t really think about it. I usually wear clothes I’m comfortable in as I think that’s most important.”

Nina Nesbitt Ticketmaster fashion week

How do you personally prepare for fashion week – do you have a stylist that will help with sourcing and planning outfits?

“I look at the designers look books and pick the ones I love! I think as a musician it’s important to pick outfits that are relative to you and not just wear something because it’s by a designer. It needs to fit you as a person otherwise it can look a bit weird.”

You wore a particularly daring gown at the Julian McDonald show. Was it nerve-wracking waiting being photographed in that number? 

“I LOVED that dress! It’s the short ones on windy days you have to worry about. [laughs] Julien makes such amazing dresses and I always feel really comfortable in them. I think he was a great balance between sexy and classy.”

When looking back on your LFW looks over the years, a large chunk have been black or white. (aside from a few including an amazing pink JM print dress). Do you tend to veer towards monochrome? 

“I love black and white; ninety per cent of my wardrobe is monochrome. I think black and white is really easy to match outfits from and always has class about it. I’m starting to veer towards pastel… Opening my options up. [laughs]”

Nina Nesbitt Ticketmaster interview style

How would you describe your style right now? 

“I’m really into ’80s kind of punk-chic style. Like Debbie Harry meets David Bowie, meets Madonna, sort of thing. I love androgynous blazers and then feminine tight fitting things underneath. I like mixing up genders.”

And you favourite designers?

“Calvin Klein, Julien MacDonald, Chanel and Saint Laurent.”

Ultimate style icon?

“Debbie Harry, obviously.”

How do you feel about being a style icon yourself and people wanting to copy your outfits and hairstyles?

“I feel really honoured if people do that! A lot of people come to gigs in similar outfits; it’s cool, it builds an identity with us all and people can feel like they’re part of something. I encourage all types of dressing at my gigs! It’s great to see peoples’ personalities really coming out in their style.”

Nina Nesbitt Ticketmaster interview style

What about your biggest fashion faux pas to date?

“Floral. It’s just not me!”

Any trend you wish would disappear?

“Really, really, really, really, really drawn on eyebrows.”

Will we ever see you have your own clothing brand? What might it be like? 

“Perhaps one day. Monochrome and evil.”

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