Interview: Ghost Town on touring the UK and new album, Evolution

Hollywood trio Ghost Town are gearing up for the release of their new album, Evolution, this November, along with a jaunt around the UK later this month.

Ahead of their appearance at Vans Warped Tour UK, we caught up with vocalists Alix and Kevin to talk about their upcoming tour, British fans and how they’re raising the topics of anxiety and depression in teenagers with their new record.

How’re you feeling about your upcoming tour and playing Warped UK?

“Super pumped, we hope that everyone can handle this built up energy we’ve gotten from being off the road for the last few months! New songs and new energy; we are ready to get everyone crazy over there.”

Will you be playing much of the new album live?

“Oh yes. We really kept in mind when writing this record, how it will translate live. These songs were meant to be played live and we are going to do just that.”

Ghost Town: You're So Creepy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

How do you find UK crowds when you tour? Any funny fan encounters? 

“They’re some of the most high energy crowds we’ve come across. A room full of our UK Ghosts gives us the rush that you would expect from 10,000 people. We know that we have to come bringing the energy because the UK crowds come to have a good time and rock just as hard as us.”

And how do you find the process of touring the UK in general? Any favourite cities? 

“It’s a bit different for us, partly because we have to travel light, and also because the drives are relatively shorter. Our past visits haven’t been too long for us to really settle in, so we try and take in as much as we can with the constant moving and adjusting to time. But the entire visit is spent soaking in as much of the UK culture and sights and sounds as possible, and making sure we get to spend quality time with the Ghosts that come see us.

“The whole of the UK is so fascinating to us. From one city to the next, the vibe and surroundings can change so much. Newcastle, Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow… each spot has something different and special about it that we can’t just pick one favourite.”

Ghost Town: Spark [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

You talk about the issues of anxiety in relation to new single Spark, how important do you feel it is to raise awareness of those suffering with anxiety – especially for young teens today?

“We think it is extremely important! There are lots of issues that young people face that quite rightly get attention but for whatever reason this is not one of them, yet it may be the most important and fundamental of all. 

“Nowadays people are so interconnected via social media that it can be so easy to spread a thought or communicate or project a certain image, but at the same time it can be a very lonely place. More often than not it is easy to find yourself feeling alone and feel like no one is there for you, when it looks like everyone else has found happiness and who they are. But the reality of it all is that every single person has those feelings of anxiety and depression, and we battle and deal with it every day. Some days are easier than others.

“We think it’s important to let people know it’s okay to feel like that, but to know that they are not alone. We have a place for you, and that is right here beside us. The more of us Ghosts there are to relate to and count on the stronger, more confident, and happier we can be.”

Are there any other main influences or topics you address on the new record?

“Definitely! In the past a lot of the songs had very specific situations as the source of inspiration or the story we were trying to tell. But after being on the road so much and traveling around the world and connecting with our Ghosts in each of these places; it’s really opened our eyes to the fact there are greater and broader issues and subjects that we felt people needed to hear.

Without diving into each song it is apparent to us throughout the whole record the message that screams out is, “Open your eyes! Take a look at who we are becoming as a society, and are you happy with that? If not let’s do something about it.” It starts and ends with you as an individual. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit, and with the support of one another we can do anything. That is our philosophy, and in Ghost Town we have appreciation and understanding for each individual and everything that comes along with it. Each one of us has the ability to make an impact and positive affect on this life and others lives. That mindset and message is what we want to reflect on to the world.” 

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Ghost Town’s new album, Evolution, is out on 6 November. Pick up new single, Spark, from 16 October.