Festival Report: Isle of Wight Festival 2014

With the Isle of Wight Festival being such a prestigious event, I knew we were in for an incredible weekend. Read on, and I shall take you through the musical adventure we experienced across those days…


First up, The 1975. Matt was swigging from a massive bottle of red wine (or maybe port?!), and the buttons on his shirt slowly came undone throughout the set – he was having a great time. Their music was a perfect blend of upbeat sounds and the creation a beautiful atmosphere within the crowd. There’s nothing quite like hearing a whole crowd singing out the lyrics with massive smiles on their faces (or shouting out the lyrics whilst standing on their mates shoulders).


Later on, it was time to dance with Clean Bandit! Oh my, did they put on a show! Everyone in that tent securely put on their dancing shoes, and were clapping away like there was no tomorrow. Right now my fingers are typing faster than my thoughts, as I simply cannot wait to write about the experience of the number 1 hit ‘Rather Be’. Ahh! It was beyond uplifting to see an entire tent of people brought together by such a brilliant song. I filmed some of it, so you can almost pretend you were there!!

Clean Bandit - Rather Be - Isle of Wight Festival 2014

Now, I have to be honest but due to 99.9% of the festival attending Red Hot Chilli Peppers set, we didn’t end up being too close. The set was completely worthy of the main stage (of course!) and due to it being their only UK gig this year – everyone was soaking it up. So many people were still buzzing about it the next day – you know a sets gone down well when you overhear excitable conversations.


On Sunday, I rolled out of my tent and headed backstage to interview the absolutely wonderful Amber Run. If you haven’t heard of them, have a listen to their new single ‘Spark’. It’s a beautifully uplifting track and the video is a lot of fun :).

They are a great bunch of guys and it was a really enjoyable interview. It will be up on a separate blog post to this, so keep your eye out for it 

They have a few massive songs that are destined for a big stage – you really could imagine them echoing around the crowd on a main stage. It is clear a lot of time and effort goes into their music, and they certainly deserve the recognition that is slowly building around them.


Then it was time for ice cream… because who doesn’t like ice cream?

Next up, Ella Eyre. She absolutely owned the stage – jumping around with true passion in the words she was singing, hitting every note looked effortless. She did an amazing cover of Basement Jaxx’s ‘Good Luck’ – what amused me (but also made me feel old) was that the teenagers surrounding us had absolutely no idea what this song was, but HEY, they loved it too. Also, her hair is the coolest hair you’ve ever seen.


Passenger was truly entertaining – he is an entertainer as well as a musician and we had such a great time watching his performance. My favourite song was ‘I Hate’, I’d never heard it before but the whole crowd lit up as soon as it started – everyone loves a good sing along, and that’s exactly what we got!

Later on in the day, the red arrows got involved for about half an hour – free air show? yes please!


This was all going on whilst The Strypes were playing, they were my favourite discovery of the festival and they are SO young. Check out this little guy below, even he was a fan!


last act we saw was Fall Out Boy – some kids down the front were having the absolute time of their lives! One girl came up on the big screen and was crying her eyes out (amusing to us of course). The sun came out, and it was awesome.


What a great weekend – stage after stage was simply full of endless talent!