Every song Taylor Swift has played so far on the Eras tour

We break down the star’s gigantic set list, updating weekly with her latest surprise songs

Warning: Eras tour spoilers ahead.

If you’re trying to keep everything surrounding Taylor Swift’s enormous Eras tour a surprise for yourself, look away now (and maybe keep off social media for the next couple of months). But if you’re after any and all information about the singer’s humungous, three-hour show, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the singer’s entire Eras tour setlist, 44 songs strong, along with everything you need to know about how she’s taken them to the stage.

We’re also keeping track of every surprise song that Swift delivers, so make sure to check back after each show to see what’s been added. International Swifties, we’re here for you.

The set list

Here are the songs that fans in the US can expect to see every single night – unless Swift mixes things up unexpectedly.

1. Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince

Swift opens the show with this high school love story/political allegory from Lover, it seems so she can remind the crowd that “it’s been a long time coming” – ‘it’ being the spectacle they are about to enjoy. No one was expecting it, but everyone enjoys it. As huge parachute-like set pieces billow around her, Swift rises from the center of the stage to greet the screaming crowd.

2. Cruel Summer

Swift then transitions into this fan-favourite from Lover. On the opening night of the tour in Glendale, Arizona, she paused to let the crowd know that they were approaching “the first bridge of the Eras tour”, giving everyone a few bars to draw breath before the arena screamed the words along with her.

3. The Man

Swift dons a glittery blazer to sing the next track from Lover, double standards-blasting single ‘The Man’. The staging is as theatrical as one could hope for from a Taylor Swift tour and the outfit is twice as sparkly.

4. You Need To Calm Down

Rainbow lights bathe the arena for Swift’s second single from Lover, the endlessly joyful older sister to ‘Shake It Off’. “Shade never made anybody less gay,” belts Swift as she swaggers down a colourful runway.

5. Lover

Swift recreates the visuals of the ‘Lover’ music video as she picks up a guitar to deliver her seventh album’s title track. Taking to a smaller, secondary stage, she sings into a stationary mic as couples slow dance around her.

6. The Archer

The final song from the Lover section of the tour sees Swift alone on stage to belt out a beautifully-crafted pop ballad about intimacy and insecurity. It’s a beautiful ending to the evening’s first chapter – but there’s plenty more to come.

7. Fearless

The Fearless section begins with Swift emerging in a gold dress, a sparkly guitar slung around her shoulders – and suddenly it’s 14 years ago, and a young Swift is embarking on her first major tour. She delivers the album’s title track with all the enthusiasm of her eighteen-year-old self.

8. You Belong With Me

Swift’s band join her onstage for this one, as she puts her own guitar down and launches into an energetic performance of her next Fearless track. Fun fact: one of the band members onstage with her is Paul Sidoti, a guitarist who has played in Swift’s band since her Fearless tour in 2009.

9. Love Story

With only a couple of backup dancers left with her onstage, Swift delivers her third and final Fearless track. This is one of the tracks she’s performed more times than anyone can count and so she has fun with it, almost pantomiming the lyrics to the audience.

10. Tis The Damn Season

Swift quite literally grows a forest onstage before beginning her first Evermore track, ‘Tis The Damn Season’. It’s one that no one expected her to play, and her opening night crowd can be heard shrieking in surprise as Swift emerges from the mist and the trees to deliver a melancholy ballad about a hometown love.

11. Willow

Swift leads a witch’s coven through some elaborate ritual for her next performance, that of the mystical Evermore lead single. Backup dancers in black robes clutch glowing gold orbs as Swift, also robed, directs their movements.

12. Marjorie

Swift stands alone under a golden spotlight for this emotional ode to her grandmother. Touchingly, the track samples some of Marjorie’s own operatic vocals, allowing Swift to sing with her grandmother onstage every night.

13. Champagne Problems

Seated at a moss-covered piano, Swift’s next offering from Evermore is ‘Champagne Problems’, the story of an unsuccessful proposal. Alone onstage, she delivers the song’s lyrically dense bridge with ferocity, earning one of the loudest cheers of the night when she’s through.

14. Tolerate It

Closing out the Evermore section of the night, Swift sits opposite one of her male backup dancers at the other end of a long dining room table. She delivers her performance of ‘Tolerate It’ almost entirely to him, crawling up onto the table as the song reaches its emotional peak in order to beg him to love her like she wants him to.

15. …Ready For It?

From Evermore to Reputation is quite the tone shift. Snakes slither over the screen behind her as Swift and her dancers perform one of the night’s most highly choreographed numbers. “Are you ready for it?” she asks the screaming crowd.

16. Delicate

Swift has spent much of the Eras tour proving that she’s always in on the joke – and so, alone onstage she conducts the crowd as they count down to the first verse. “One, two, three, let’s go b*tch!” screams the arena around her. Swift serenely holds up each corresponding finger. What began as a viral fan video has become a ‘Delicate’ tradition.

17. Don’t Blame Me

Swift hits the high note and quite literally ascends, the stage rising with her. Her backing singers are robed and candles flicker behind her – Swift is determined to make this gospel-tinged number a spiritual experience. ‘Don’t Blame Me’ sees her praising her lover almost religiously, Hozier-style.

18. Look What You Made Me Do

Swift transitions swiftly (we had to) into ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, the lead single from 2017’s Reputation. Past versions of Swift are projected onto the screen behind her – they dance with her as Swift sings about embracing her villainous side.

19. Enchanted

From snakes to a huge sparkly ballgown. ‘Enchanted’ is the sole track Swift performs from her third album, Speak Now, but boy does she give it her all. Dancers spin around her as Swift stands in the center of the stage and belts along with the rest of the arena – “Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you”.

20. 22

The Red era begins. Swift emerges in a white t-shirt and black fedora, a reference to her younger self, and throws a party onstage. She might be a decade past her twenty second year, but Swift still knows how to have a good time – she and her dancers form a joyful chorus line to high kick their way through the song’s final lines.

21. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

‘22’ leads straight into the megahit ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’, Red’s lead single. Swift never gets tired of acting out the post-bridge phone call to her friend – “I mean, this is exhausting,” she complains, leaning on the back of one backing dancer to talk to another. “Like, we are never ever getting back together”. She holds the mic to her dancer. “Like, ever,” he agrees.

22. I Knew You Were Trouble

Swift’s massive ‘you can’t change him’ anthem and one of Red’s radio-favourite tracks. The smoke is billowing for this one, shooting upwards in jets around the side of the stage whenever Swift hits a high note. Also in abundance are the hair flips.

23. All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

Swift closes out the Red chapter with one of her most beloved break up tracks. Everyone knew that ‘All Too Well’, considered by many to be one of the singer’s best songs if not the best, would be on the Eras tour set list. No one was expecting her to commit to the 10-minute version of the track every single night. But that’s what she’s doing, alone onstage with her guitar and a crowd that, despite the song’s length, know every single word.

24. Invisible String

Swift begins the Folklore section of the show perched atop the moss-covered roof of a wooden cabin, singing a gentle ballad about how her and her partner Joe Alwyn’s paths were drawn towards each other. The Folklore woods are projected behind her.

25. Betty

Swift then ventures inside the cabin, which is complete with a smoking chimney, and picks up a guitar to play ‘Betty’. Still alone onstage, she’s every inch the storyteller as she describes the efforts of teenager James to win back his high school girlfriend.

26. The Last Great American Dynasty

Swift seats herself on the steps of the cabin to tell this one, the story of new money wife Rebekah living large in her house by the coast. Swift’s dancers act out the story as she maintains an observational distance – until it’s time for her to step into the narrative and buy the house, thereby becoming the new Rebekah.

27. August

If Swift’s show wasn’t physically demanding enough, ‘August’ sees her running joyfully over the stage with bare feet and a billowing dress. As the fictional heroine she describes a summer romance gone wrong, after which her lover goes back to his ex-girlfriend and she’s left feeling like the other woman.

28. Illicit Affairs

This soft track about infidelity gets the power ballad treatment onstage, as Swift stands separate from her band to belt it out alone. A dramatic fall to her knees adds the required theatricality.

29. My Tears Ricochet

For this twisted love song, Swift leads her black-clad back up dancers in a funeral procession down the stage. Eventually they’re all left sunk to the floor, reaching to the sky, as Swift declares: “I can go anywhere I want, anywhere I want, just not home”.

30. Cardigan

Alone again onstage to close out the Folklore chapter, Swift reflects back on a young love that she outgrew. It’s the last chance to get mileage out of her flowy, folky gown before she changes into her 1989 sequins and she makes the most of it, twirling up and down the stage.

31. Style

Onto 1989 now, often regarded as Swift’s party album. She certainly delivers – her dancers are in streetwear, but Swift’s all glitter for ‘Style’. Beaming, she dances her way down the runway as she sings about a relationship where the aesthetics just work.

32. Blank Space

Swift rises and descends on a glowing platform, displaying once again her alternate selves, who perform the choreography alongside her. Her live backing dancers are busy riding neon bikes around the stage and destroying a car with golf clubs.

33. Shake It Off

We’re partying again. This one’s all dancing, as it should be.

34. Wildest Dreams

A sleeping Swift is projected onto the screen behind as Swift and her dancers perform this standout from 1989. Swift sings about the ways in which she hopes her partner will remember her when their relationship inevitably ends.

35. Bad Blood

Closing out 1989, Swift delivers a fiery rendition of this track about a friendship turned sour – fiery in the literal sense. Cannons shoot flames into the air above the stage as, onscreen, a digital version of Taylor burns down a house.

36. Acoustic song #1

Rumour says Swift will be shaking this one up every night. Stay posted below to see what she’s played so far.

37. Acoustic song #2

The second of two surprise songs that Swift will be treating fans to each show. We’ll keep you up to date below.

38. Lavender Haze

Swift transitions into the final era of the night: that of her most recent album, Midnights. In a big purple coat, Swift sings the album’s upbeat opener whilst purple clouds circle around her.

39. Anti-Hero

Swift delivers Midnights’ self-critical lead single with only a giant projection of herself for company.

40. Midnight Rain

With the stage bathed in a melancholy blue, Swift sings about a relationship that wasn’t meant to be. Her backing dancers circle with enormous umbrellas – which prove handy when Swift decides to change her outfit mid-song.

41. Vigilante Sh*t

“Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge,” sings Swift, as she leads her dancers through a chair-based dance routine. This payback fantasy wasn’t one of many people’s guesses for the Midnights set list, but it’s clear that Swift had a vision.

42. Bejeweled

In an appropriate sparkly outfit, against an appropriately sparkly backdrop, Swift sings this self-love anthem about being the most divine thing in the room. She even incorporates fan choreography from a viral TikTok video. (Remember: Swift sees everything).

43: Mastermind

The penultimate song of the night is Midnights’ closer, in which Swift confesses to having a calculating mind. The stage transforms into a chess board as she ponders her next move, marching forward to deliver the track’s surprisingly vulnerable bridge.  

44: Karma

The night ends with this joyful offering from Midnights. Swift dons a sparkly fringe jacket and parties onstage with her dancers. The festivities are well-earned: she has a lot to celebrate.

Surprise songs

Here’s every surprise song that Swift has treated her audiences to so far, updated regularly.

Friday, March 17 – State Farm Stadium, Glendale

Surprise song #1: Mirrorball

Swift brought out her guitar to play this fan-favourite from Folklore.

Surprise song #2: Tim McGraw

A fitting surprise song for the first night of the Eras tour. Swift treated fans to a piano version of her very first single from her self-title debut album.

Saturday, March 18 – State Farm Stadium, Glendale

Surprise song #1: This Is Me Trying

Another Folklore favourite, Swift delivered a vulnerable guitar version of this song about letting yourself down.

Surprise song #2: State Of Grace

Whilst ‘State Of Grace’ was originally one of Red’s more upbeat songs, the piano version of the track has long been loved by fans. It’s no surprise that Swift decided to take this to the keys.  

Friday, March 24 – Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

Surprise song #1: Our Song

At request from warm-up act Beabadoobee, Swift picked up a guitar to play this track from her debut album written, as she told the crowd, for her ninth grade talent show.

Surprise song #2: Snow On The Beach

After making it very clear that Lana would not be joining her onstage, Swift raved about Del Rey’s new album. “I think she’s the best that we have,” she said, before playing the track that the two had written together for Swift’s latest album, Midnights.

Saturday, March 25 Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

Surprise song #1: Cowboy Like Me (with Marcus Mumford)

Swift recorded this Evermore track in Mumford’s home studio during the pandemic, with Mumford himself stepping in to add some backing vocals. The two of them surprised fans with a duet version at Swift’s Saturday Vegas show.

Surprise song #2: White Horse

Swift’s final surprise song in Vegas was this emotional breakup ballad from her sophomore album, Fearless. She played a soft piano rendition of the track, turning the stadium into a choir.

Friday, March 31 At&t Stadium, Arlington

Surprise song #1: Sad Beautiful Tragic

This melancholy deep cut from Red was Arlington’s first surprise song.

Surprise song #2: Ours

Swift shifted gears with ‘Ours’, a gentle love song from her third album, Speak Now.


Surprise! Swift switched up the set list for Arlington, replacing Folklore‘s ‘Invisible String’ with ‘The 1’, the album’s opener. “You think you can just go online, you think you can just scroll and know the setlist?” she teased the crowd. “Let it be said about the Eras Tour: we’re tricksy.”

Saturday, April 1 At&t Stadium, Arlington

Surprise song #1: Death By A Thousand Cuts

Swift had to restart the bridge of this Lover track after stumbling over a particularly wordy lyric. “Why do I write things like that?” she asked the crowd. She also joked, with a wink, that this means she might just have to play the song again later on in the tour.

Surprise song #2: Clean

This fan-favourite from 1989 has been taken to the piano by Swift before on previous tours. “This is a request from Gracie Abrams,” said Swift, before launching into her support act’s favourite track.

Sunday, April 2 At&t Stadium, Arlington

Surprise song #1: Jump Then Fall

Swift confessed that she “fell in love” with this track when re-recording her sophomore album, Fearless.

Surprise song #2: The Lucky One

“This is another one I fell in love with when rerecording,” said Swift as she sat down at the piano to play this track about a disillusioned star. Or, as she joked: “It’s about how horrible being famous is.”

Thursday, April 13 Raymond James Stadium, Tampa

Surprise song #1: Speak Now

After revealing that one of her albums in particular had been on her mind lately, Swift opted to play the title track. Cue excited speculation about when Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) might be dropping…

Surprise song #2: Treacherous

“I’ve never played this one on piano before,” said Swift, before launching into this melancholy deep cut from Red.

Friday, April 14 Raymond James Stadium, Tampa

Surprise song #1: The Great War

Swift brought out The National’s Aaron Dessner to join her for this one, with whom she wrote and produced the track. Before inviting him onstage , Swift introduced Dessner to the crowd as “the collaborator version of a soulmate”.

Surprise song #2: You’re On Your Own, Kid

Taking to the piano for a second Midnights track, Swift sang this coming of age track along with a deafening crowd.

Saturday, April 15 Raymond James Stadium, Tampa

Surprise song #1: Mad Woman

Dessner returned for a second show to join Swift on an acoustic version of Folklore’s ‘Mad Woman’. The two sat Swift’s floral piano together as Dessner played and Swift sang.

Surprise song #2: Mean

“I wanted to play something you all might know and you might sing along with really loudly,” shrugged Swift, before launching into this track from Speak Now. The crowd obliged.

Friday, April 21 NGR Stadium, Houston

Surprise song #1: Wonderland

“I wanted to play this one tonight I haven’t played it in a really long time,” said Swift as she began to strum ‘Wonderland’. It was only when she mentioned the “twisted Alice In Wonderland vibe” of the song that the crowd guessed what they were in for.

Surprise song #2: You’re Not Sorry

Sat at the piano, Swift delivered a restrained yet furious version of this track from Fearless.

Saturday, April 22 NGR Stadium, Houston

Surprise song #1: A Place In This World

Swift assured the crowd that it was okay if they didn’t know this deep cut from her debut album, written when she was 13. “I’m sure I related to it when I was 13, but I think I related to it even more now, 20 years later,” she said.

Surprise song #2: Today Was A Fairytale

“I wanted to play this song because you make every day on this tour feel like a fairytale,” was Swift’s simple intro.

Sunday, April 23 NGR Stadium, Houston

Surprise song #1: Begin Again

Sunday’s first surprise song was this emotional ballad from Red about beginning to date after a break up.

Surprise song #2: Cold As You

Swift played this track from her self-titled debut album live for only the second time ever on Sunday. “No shade to the other songs on that album, but I do think that ‘Cold As You’ is the best song on that album,” she said.

Friday, April 28 – Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Surprise song #1: The Other Side Of The Door

This Fearless track wasn’t on the original cut of the album, so Swift apparently wasn’t expecting such a loud response from the Atlanta crowd. “Oh my god, you know this one!” she screamed midway through.

Surprise song #2: Coney Island

Swift took to the piano to play her collaboration with The National from Evermore, in celebration of the band’s new album.

Saturday, April 29 – Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Surprise song #1: High Infidelity

There wasn’t really any other song Swift could open her acoustic mini set with on this particular Saturday. “Do you really wanna know where I was April 29th?” sang Swift with the crowd.

Surprise song #2: Gorgeous

She did have to get clarification from the crowd on the lyrics, but Swift still delivered a ‘Gorgeous’ rendition of this Reputation track. She also reiterated that the mess-up means she gets to play the song again on a later date.

Sunday, April 30 – Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Surprise song #1: I Bet You Think About Me

Swift broke out a ‘From The Vault’ track for Atlanta night three with this countrified takedown from Red (Taylor’s Version).

Surprise song #2: How You Get The Girl

Swift took this sugary pop track from 1989 to the piano for a softer, sadder rendition.

Friday, May 5 Nissan Stadium, Nashville

Surprise song #1: Sparks Fly

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is officially on the way. Swift made the announcement that her latest re-recording would be landing on July 7th moments before launching into Speak Now track ‘Sparks Fly’.

Surprise song #2: Teardrops On My Guitar

“Playing in Nashville brings back so many memories,” said Swift as she sat down at the piano. Reminiscing about being a teenager in the city and writing the songs that would end up on her debut album, Swift brought out one of her earliest singles.

Saturday, May 6 Nissan Stadium, Nashville

Surprise song #1: Out Of The Woods

Swift teased that the song she was about to play had “kind one of those choruses where you say the same thing over and over again,” before launching into this single from 1989.

Surprise song #2: Fifteen

With her childhood best friend Abigail in the audience, Swift played this Fearless track about their time in high school friendship.

Sunday, May 7 Nissan Stadium, Nashville

Surprise song #1: Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Collaborator Aaron Dessner joined Swift to play this Midnights bonus track in the pouring rain.

Surprise song #2: Mine

With rain still coming down heavily, Swift sat at the piano to play this Speak Now track about learning to love.

Friday, May 12 Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia

Surprise song #1: Gold Rush

Swift treated Philadelphia to this track from Evermore – and confirmed that when she sings, “Eagles t-shirt hanging on the door,” she isn’t referencing the band. “Guys, come on, I’m from Philly,” she told the crowd.

Surprise song #2: Come Back… Be Here

At the request of Phoebe Bridgers, Swift took to the piano to play this Red track.

Saturday, May 13 Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia

Surprise song #1: Forever & Always

“This is a request from my friend Lena (Dunham), it’s her birthday today,” Swift told the crowd. “She wanted to hear ‘Forever And Always.'” Judging by the response of the crowd, so did everyone else.

Surprise song #2: This Love

After confessing that this had been one of her favourite shows so far, Taylor sat down at the piano to play a gentle rendition of ‘This Love’ from 1989.

Sunday, May 14 Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia

Surprise song #1: Hey Stephen

Philly’s first surprise song for night three was this playful track of Fearless track ‘This Love’ – which the stadium went nuts for from the first note Swift hummed.

Surprise song #2: The Best Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Swift played an ode to her relationship with her mother Andrea. The singer confessed that although she would “try to play it”, the emotional track is often hard for her to get through without crying.

Friday, May 19 Gillette Stadium, Foxborough

Surprise song #1: Should’ve Said No

“Before you go, tell me this: was it worth it? Was she worth this?” Swift sang. A smirk and a headshake afterwards sent everyone wild.

Surprise song #2: Better Man

Swift sat at the piano to tell the story of ‘Better Man’, a track that narrowly didn’t make the cut for the Red album but was eventually recorded by Little Big Town. The track also wound up on Swift’s re-recordings for the Red album.

Saturday, May 20 Gillette Stadium, Foxborough

Surprise song #1: Question…?

In torrential rain, Swift told the crowd how happy she was feeling. “I’ve never been this happy in my life, in all aspects of my life. I just want to thank you for being a part of that.” The rain forced her to start ‘Question…?’ over again, but Swift took the opportunity to remind everyone that she was now able to play it again at a later date.

Surprise song #2: Invisible

With rain pouring down on the top of her piano, Swift played this melancholy track from her debut album.

Sunday, May 21 Gillette Stadium, Foxborough

Surprise song #1: I Think He Knows

Swift played this Lover track live for the first time ever at Gillette Stadium, recalling how much fun she and Jack Antonoff had creating it in the studio.

Surprise song #2: Red

Due to the damage done to her piano by the previous night’s torrential rain, Swift picked up her guitar for a second time to play the title track from Red.

Friday, May 26 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Surprise song #1: Getaway Car

Swift brought Jack Antonoff up onstage to play one of their collaborations. “I know that you have wanted to hear this one,” she told the crowd, before the two launched into this track from Reputation.

Surprise song #2: Maroon

Sitting down at a repaired piano, Swift played this fan favourite from Midnights, confessing it was one of her favourites as well.

Saturday, May 27 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Surprise song #1: Holy Ground

“I feel like this is a pretty good choice here tonight. I’m pretty confident in it,” Swift told the crowd before playing this upbeat track from Red.

Surprise song #2: False God

Fans in East Rutherford were treated to a very different version of this sultry Lover track, with Swift sitting down at the piano to play a stripped-back rendition of the song.

Sunday, May 28 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Surprise song #1: Welcome To New York

With no intro, Swift picked up a guitar and jumped straight into this track from 1989.

Surprise song #2: Clean

Even though she’d already played this 1989 song in Arlington, Swift decided that technically she’d messed up the track by playing it in the wrong key. She surprised her East Rutherford audience by repeating the track.

Friday, June 2 Soldier Field, Chicago

Surprise song #1: I Wish You Would

Swift opened her first acoustic set at Soldier Field with her first ever acoustic rendition of this 1989 track. “Oh my god, you know it! You all know it!” she exclaimed halfway through.

Surprise song #2: The Lakes

From the piano, Swift sung this poignant bonus track from Folklore her first ever live performance of the song.

Saturday, June 3 Soldier Field, Chicago

Surprise song #1: You All Over Me

Inviting collaborator Maren Morris onstage, Swift played this ‘From The Vault’ track from Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

Surprise song #2: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

This was an especially surprising choice Swift took to the piano to play her standalone duet with Zayn, a track that was written for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

Sunday, June 4 Soldier Field, Chicago

Surprise song #1: Hits Different

Swift played one of her newest releases, bonus Midnights track ‘Hits Different’. “I don’t know if you’ll know this one,” she mused, before launching into the song.

Surprise song #2: The Moment I Knew

“You should have been there,” sung Swift, to screams from the crowd. The singer delivered a piano version of this tearjerker from Red.

Friday, June 9 Ford Field, Detroit

Surprise song #1: Haunted

Fans had been clamoring for this one. After referencing the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) coming on July 7, Swift told the crowd how excited she was. “This just felt like the one to do tonight,” she said, before launching into the powerful breakup track.

Surprise song #2: I Almost Do

Keeping on the breakup theme, Swift sat at the piano to play this devastating song from Red.

Saturday, June 10 Ford Field, Detroit

Surprise song #1: All You Had To Do Was Stay

“I love this song so much,” Swift told Ford Field. “It’s interesting, because it has this really high, really loud sound in it.” She gave the crowd her best high-pitched “stay”, to thunderous cheers.

Surprise song #2: Breathe

Swift was visibly emotional performing this ballad from Fearless. Although the song is originally a duet with Colbie Caillat, Swift opted to sing it alone.

Friday, June 16 Acrisure Stadium, Pittsburgh

Surprise song #1: Mr Perfectly Fine

“I don’t know why it didn’t make the album,” Swift said of ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’, a ‘From The Vault’ track from Fearless (Taylor’s Version). “I still can’t remember, because I loved it so much, and I still love it now.” The crowd were in full agreement.

Surprise song #2: The Last Time

Swift once again turned a duet into a solo, playing this Red track sans Gary Lightbody.

Saturday, June 17 Acrisure Stadium, Pittsburgh

Surprise song #1: Seven

Aaron Dessner made another appearance on the Eras Tour stage to accompany Swift as she sung this poignant track from Folklore.

Surprise song #2: The Story Of Us

Swift once again expressed how excited she was to be re-releasing Speak Now. “You’ve just been absolute dreamboats about the whole thing because you’ve been so supportive,” she told her audience. She was all smiles as she played this upbeat track from the album.

Friday, June 23 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Surprise song #1: Paper Rings

This infectiously joyful love song from Lover made its way onto the setlist because, as Taylor put it, “You guys have been so supportive of the Lover album recently.” She expressed her gratitude at the attention the album has been getting this summer. “So I thought I’d do a song that you guys have asked me to do a billion times, and I love you so much, and I think it’s time to do ‘Paper Rings.'”

Surprise song #2: If This Was A Movie

With no preliminary speech, Swift seated herself at the piano to play this track, which has made appearances on the deluxe version of Speak Now and Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

Saturday, June 24 U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Surprise song #1: Dear John

After a smiling but serious speech in which the singer essentially encouraged everyone to play nice when Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) drops, Swift surprised everyone by playing her much applauded ballad ‘Dear John’ Only because I’m proud of it as a song,” she clarified.

Surprise song #2: Daylight

Swift gave an emotional rendition of this Lover track about finding a lasting love.

Friday, June 30 Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati

Surprise song #1: I’m Only Me When I’m With You

Swift wasn’t even sure what era this deep cut could be classed as. “I wrote this before I even thought I would ever have a debut album,” she told the crowd. The cheerful friendship-focused track was written when Swift was just thirteen years old.

Surprise song #2: Evermore

As soon as Paycor Stadium recognised that opening piano riff, they went crazy. The excitement was short-lived Swift’s emotional rendition of the title track from Evermore soon had everyone in floods of tears.

Saturday, July 1 Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati

Surprise song #1: Ivy

Swift opened her Cincinnati night two acoustic set with another Evermore track and brought out Aaron Dessner. “Your boy is here!” she told the crowd with a wide smile.

Surprise song #2: Call It What You Want

This was an unexpected track for Swift to take to the piano. The singer stripped down the usually upbeat song from Lover about ignoring outside noise in a relationship.

BONUS: I Miss You, I’m Sorry

In-between her usual two tracks, Swift gave the crowd at Paycor Stadium a bonus performance, citing the concert’s early start due to weather concerns. She invited support act Gracie Abrams onstage so that the two could perform Abrams’ track ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’.

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