15 albums not to miss in October

Including new records from Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 and Dry Cleaning

Leaves are falling, coats are on, and everything’s being served with cinnamon. Autumn might have only just started but Christmas has come early for music fans, with a bumper October stuffed full of major new album releases. October 21 is the big one – with Taylor Swift and Arctic Monkeys going head-to-head on the same day, but there’s plenty of other red-letter records to look forward to between now and Halloween.  

Here’s our pick of the biggest and best new albums coming out over the next few weeks.


chloe moriondo – SUCKERPUNCH

Fruity - chloe moriondo (official music video)

“Moriondo underwent a complete transformation between her debut and sophomore albums, shifting from ukulele-driven bedroom pop to energetic and occasionally gory pop punk. Suckerpunch promises to develop that sound even further. ‘Fruity’ delivers a hilariously saccharine sweet dose of bubblegum electropop, whilst ‘Cdbaby <3’ is a restrained piece of indie pop in which the whispery vocals of Moriondo’s debut peek through. There’s a ton of directions that Suckerpunch could end up going in, and they’re all exciting.” Caitlin

Broken Bells – Into The Blue

Broken Bells - Love On The Run (Official Video)

“Eight years feels like far too long to wait between records. Fair enough, Brian Burton has been busy being Danger Mouse and James Mercer has put out a new Shins album in that time, but 2014’s After The Disco was just too good not to deserve a fast follow-up. New singles have finally been trickling out for Into The Blue, and it’s already sounding special – spinning woozy jazz pop shapes in the back corner of the sci-fi lounge bar the band never left.” Paul

Bonny Light Horseman – Rolling Golden Holy

Bonny Light Horseman - Someone to Weep for Me (official audio)

“The trio of Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats), multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman (Josh Ritter, The National, Taylor Swift) and Anais Mitchell delivered one of 2020’s most beautiful albums with their debut, reimagining old folk standards and transporting them into the 21st century. Can they repeat the feat? Of course they can. Rolling Golden Holy trades in heavenly melodies and the wonder that is Johnson and Mitchell singing in tandem. Single ‘Someone To Weep For Me’ is an unparalleled joy. This is going to be special.” Mark

Open Mike Eagle – Component System With The Auto Reverse

Open Mike Eagle - I'll Fight You produced by Diamond D (official video)

“Inspired by the tapes he recorded from local radio stations as a teenager, Component System With the Auto Reverse is sure to be yet more evidence of rapper and comedian Open Mic Eagle’s masterful grasp on the history of hip-hop. It features collaborations with a whole host of underground talent worth discovering, too.” John

Alvvays – Blue Rev

Alvvays - Belinda Says [Official Video]

“The Canadian indie poppers return with their third album and first without founding member Brian Murphy, who left to focus on Kiwi Jr. It’s been five years since the brilliant Antisocialites and it seems the quintet have spent the time wisely, expanding their sugary indie pop in quirkier directions, as evidenced on the wonderful ‘Very Online Guy’. When Alvvays go for the jugular (like the stratospheric ‘Belinda Says’) they don’t ever miss.” Mark

Courtney Marie Andrews – Loose Future

Courtney Marie Andrews - Loose Future (Official Video)

“Poet, painter and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews is a beacon of warmth and endearment, as the first few tracks from Loose Future already prove. The prolific Arizona artist recorded this latest record with the likes of Sam Evian, Josh Kaufmann and Chris Bear in the Catskills; if you know, you know.  “ John


The 1975 – Being Funny In A Foreign Language

The 1975 - Part Of The Band (Official Video)

“It doesn’t take long to identify the input of producer and Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff on The 1975’s latest. In the opening bars of first new single, ‘Part Of The Band’, it feels like a fresh start for the pop-rock band as there’s an embrace of folk and unexpected pop and rock sounds. Second single, ‘Happiness’, felt more quintessential 1975 but with a similar richness to its predecessor. Two more tracks have dropped since, but their fifth album is a space for the band to really show off and experiment. Expect the unexpected.” Orlaith

Zella Day – Sunday In Heaven

Zella Day - Mushroom Punch (Official Music Video)

“Day’s last album was 2015’s Kicker, an otherworldly collection of emotive synthpop. Seven years is a long time to wait, but Day hasn’t been wasting that time. Her songwriting is as intricate and introspective as ever but there’s a new playfulness to the singles from Sunday In Heaven that the relatively somber Kicker may have been missing. Get ready to laugh, cry and dance.” Caitlin

Ashe – Rae

Ashe - Love Is Letting Go feat. Diane Keaton (Official Audio)

“After her debut record Ashlyn made waves in indie-pop – particularly the divorce ballad ‘Moral Of The Story’ – Ashe wasted no time, returning only a little over a year later to announce her follow up, Rae. The album’s singles bounce between sugary folk-pop and affecting guitar ballads, including a particularly beautiful duet with none other than Diane Keaton entitled ‘Love Is Letting Go’. I can’t wait to hear more.” Caitlin


Taylor Swift – Midnights 

Jimmy Breaks Down Taylor Swift's Midnights Clues and Easter Eggs | The Tonight Show

“We haven’t heard a note of Midnights yet and it’s already top of my list for October. If her last few projects have proven anything it’s that Swift is willing to turn her hand to any genre, and the track titles we’ve been drip fed so far haven’t given much away. But the singer-songwriter always has a vision for each new record, clear enough that sound, visuals, fashion and even fan interaction become part of the shift. A new Taylor Swift album is an event.” Caitlin

Arctic Monkeys – The Car

Arctic Monkeys - There’d Better Be A Mirrorball (Official Video)

“Each album from the Arctic Monkeys has heralded in a new era for the Sheffield band; their last, Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino surprised everyone with sleek, retro Sci-Fi chamber pop. Latest single ‘There’d Better Be a Mirrorball’ from forthcoming LP The Car isn’t a million miles away from that in its slow-dance elegance, but has left us desperate to hear what’s next.” John

Archers Of Loaf – Reason In Decline

Archers of Loaf - In the Surface Noise (Official Video)

“Sometimes the world feels like a weight. Archers Of Loaf exist for those moments, a healing, energising force that rages back, screaming “Take what belongs to you!” as it kicks down the walls before they close all the way in. It’s been a long time but, much like the second coming of labelmates Superchunk, all the signs point towards Reason In Decline kickstarting a bold new era for the band.” Mark

Dry Cleaning – Stumpwork

Dry Cleaning - Don't Press Me (Official Video)

“Dry Cleaning have been at the fabric softener. Leaving their spikier post-punk roots behind (maybe), everything we’ve heard off Stumpwork so far has fizzed with far less chaos than New Long Leg. There’s even a recorder on ‘Don’t Press Me’. The sound might have mellowed, but the band’s poetry is as caustic as ever – with early singles about gaming mice, tortoises called Gary and too revealing gym shorts cutting through the jangle with the sharpest, oddest, ironies.” Paul

Sloan – Steady

Sloan - Magical Thinking (Lyric Video)

“Sloan are superstars in their native Canada, while remaining a beloved cult act here, making them a kind of Tragically Hip for the power pop set. Steady won’t suddenly have them headlining The O2 but it will reinforce the love of the faithful and win more than a few new fans. Singles ‘Magical Thinking’, ‘Spend The Day’ and ‘Scratch The Surface’ are classic, hard-riffing, super-melodic 70s power pop, up there with the band’s best. A very welcome return.” Mark



Dazy - Split (Official Music Video)

“Over the last two years, James Goodson has been steadily amassing an arsenal of the catchiest singles in existence under his Dazy moniker. After signing to Lame-O Records last month, he’s now announced his debut, teasing it with two absolutely huge tracks that succinctly summarise his ethos. Like Dinosaur Jr covering Teenage Fanclub and somehow even better than that sounds.” Mark

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