12 essential August album releases

Including new records from Hozier, The Front Bottoms, Noname, Reneé Rapp and more

Kids off school? Stick some new music on and keep everyone happy. Headed to a festival? You’ll want something for the car. No holiday plans at all and still having to go to work in the middle of another global warming summer? You’ll need all of these. August brings another bank holiday and a whole lot of new albums to look out for – and these are the records we can’t wait to hear.

4 August

The Front Bottoms – You Are Who You Hang Out With

The Front Bottoms: Emotional (Official Video)

“The Front Bottoms are back, and they’re still not happy. No matter – their hot mess, cheerfully nihilistic folk punk is just as enjoyable as ever. The three singles currently released from You Are Who You Hang Out With are the band as they were on 2013’s Talon Of The Hawk – confessional, blunt, strangely moving, and strangely hopeful. In their own words: ‘Ask if I’m emotional? F*ck yeah’.” Caitlin

Annie Hart – The Weight Of A Wave

What Makes Me Me Annie Hart Official Video

“Some of the dark fuzziness seems to have been polished off since Annie Hart was making underground synth pop with Au Revoir Simone (as heard in the Twin Peaks revival), but it’s all still right there under the surface in her post-punk-pop solo work. Her first full length record since scoring the 2020 indie comedy, Banana Split, this has been a very long time coming.” Paul

11 August

Hurry – Don’t Look Back

Hurry - Beggin' For You (Official Music Video)

“The Philadelphia indie poppers have named their latest album after a Teenage Fanclub song, which tells you everything you need to know. Noisy guitars, gleaming hooks and heartsick lyrics are their stock in trade, but these aren’t pale imitations of their influences. Hurry are one of the few bands with the chops to go toe-to-toe with Scotland’s finest.” Mark

Noname – Sundial

“It’s been half a decade since Noname’s last album, but this Chicago rapper has always maintained a level of kudos and respect that you know whatever comes next will be just as good as her first two offerings. No singles have been teased yet, but we do know that Sundial features guest appearances from the likes of Jay Electronica and Ayoni.” John

18 August

Hozier – Unreal Unearth

Hozier - De Selby (Part 2) (Official Lyric Video)

“Is Hozier capable of writing a bad song? With every single that gets unveiled from his latest full-length, it seems less and less likely. This is the singer-songwriter’s COVID record, something that’s been quietly brewing over the last three years. He’s called it an ‘eclectic’ album, but there are some constants amongst the singles – rich imagery, extraordinary vocals, and the sense that he’s going to knock the whole thing out of the park again.” Caitlin

The Underground Youth – Nostalgia’s Glass

The Underground Youth - I Thought I Understood

“Arguably The Underground Youth have always been looking through Nostalgia’s Glass, since everything they make sounds like Joy Division playing The Velvet Underground. Not that I’m complaining. 2016’s Mademoiselle is still the one to beat, but the two tracks already shared from the new record sound fantastic – the kind of psyche-tinged post-punk melancholy that feels like it’s always been there.” Paul

Stephen Steinbrink – Disappearing Coin

Stephen Steinbrink - "Cruiser" (Official Music Video)

“California artist Stephen Steinbrink seems to have gone under the radar despite a proven track record of lush indie rock. Inspired by a video of a kid being wowed by a magic trick, which in turn moved Steinbrink, Disappearing Coin is full of gently wistful songs to get lost in yourself.” John

Reneé Rapp – Snow Angel

Reneé Rapp - Talk Too Much (Official Lyric Video)

“One of Broadway’s best young voices takes to pop in Reneé Rapp’s debut album. And she’s good at it too – so much so that it’s a surprise to recall that she started out as Mean Girls The Musical’s Regina George. Or not. Regina George could probably have had a killer pop career. Hopefully, so will Rapp.” Caitlin

25 August

Hiss Golden Messenger – Jump For Joy

Hiss Golden Messenger - Nu-Grape (Official Video)

“MC Taylor’s soulful Americana outfit are a powerful force for good. Universal emotions seem more profound when viewed through Taylor’s prism, social injustices more acutely egregious. Few artists can make you feel so deeply while making you dance so freely. If the first two singles are anything to go by, Jump For Joy is going big on the latter. ‘Nu-Grape’ and ‘Shinbone’ are positively funky, a look the band wear well.” Mark

Buck MeekHaunted Mountain

Buck Meek - Haunted Mountain (Official Video)

“The Big Thief guitarist is loved for his characteristic hip jerks, free guitar style and yodel-like vocal jumps, which are all on full display on his third solo album Haunted Mountain – OK, you may have to imagine the hip jerks. Its title may sound ominous but the singles so far have been far from that, the kind that close your eyes and fill your heart.” John

Ratboys – The Window

"The Window" by Ratboys (official video)

“Not to be confused with RAT BOY (although you wouldn’t be the first). The Chicago band come into The Window on a stunning run of form. Many hailed 2020’s Printer’s Devil as their best album but it looks like it’s got competition. Fans of ebullient noise and sweetly sharp hooks (not a million miles from Discover faves The Beths) will be head over heels for the absolutely cracking title track.” Mark

A Giant Dog – Bite

A Giant Dog - I Believe (Official Audio)

“A Giant Dog’s sixth album has teeth. The Texans don’t do many things quietly but good lord, early single ‘I Believe’ kicks all kinds of ass, Sabrina Ellis hollering “Technology eventually will have us all replaced / I believe I’m justified to tear apart the place.” There is no going gently into the night here, if A Giant Dog are taking down Skynet then they’re going to make a glorious racket doing it.” Mark

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