Review: Patrick Turpin @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Delve into Itty Bitty Little Titty Piece at Edinburgh's Underbelly.

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In a dark room atop a spiralling flight of stairs awaits Itty Bitty Little Titty Piece, the Edinburgh Fringe show by the ferociously confident Patrick Turpin.

Turps, as he often refers to himself as, offers a mesmerising blend of sketch comedy, stand-up and character, although where the actual Patrick Turpin begins and ends remains anyone’s guess.

Funny is an understatement as he regales audiences with tales of his life, unfortunate recent events, and describes the interior of his ideal bathroom.

It’s difficult to see the jokes coming, and they hit big. The metrosexual sissy (his words, not ours) takes us through his first stag-do with comedic precision. He twists the tale of the Wise Men into stand-up gold, and he even pulls a ridiculously funny moment of crowd interaction out of the Grand National.

It’s the unexpected humour that wins here, as Patrick Turpin successfully pulls off everything from physical gags to even the occasional emotional and heartfelt tale. There are countless laughs crammed into an hour, all built around his vibrant and energetic personality – the unquestionable centrepiece of the show.

Whether you want to go on his stag-do, or visit his dream bathroom is irrelevant, because he’s taking you along for the ride, and you’ll be more than happy that he did.

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