Review: Josh Pugh @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A Boy Named Pugh is running now at Pleasance Courtyard.

Hotly tipped talent Josh Pugh opens his set highlighting that he’s a bit of a weird guy. Yet what we are confronted with is a mild mannered, confident, fashionably quirky and instantly likable 27 year old.

His topics are wide as he trots out all manner of gags from stories of living in his parent’s loft, the film of his life leading up to comedy (starring the co-worker we’ve all met, Nigel), his observational chat about office jobs, to daft one liners and audience participation (you know, the chit chat comedians like to do).

What makes him standout from other young comics is that weirdness he touched on from the start. As with most up and coming talents, you see flashes of genius you want them to chase and expand on, such as his jokes he “thought up whilst hoovering”.

It’s daft and nicely breaks up the observational stuff he delivers, and definitely something we could get used to seeing.

Catch Josh Pugh at Pleasance Courtyard at 19:15 until the 28 August 2017.