Review: John Robins @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The comedian brings his darkness to the Fringe ahead of his UK tour.

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The Darkness of Robins is the title of John’s latest show, describing exactly what it is. Robins takes us on an autobiographical journey through the torture and heartbreak of a man who has unwillingly separated from his long-term girlfriend. Dark, right?!

But Robins delivers the show with such accuracy and hilarity, full of yelling and laughter, as he tries to take control of his current situation by rationalising the pathetic positives of post-relationship life. The darkness is lightened as he doesn’t linger on the tormenting truths too long, but instead highlights the amusement in each.

The humourous heartbreak of the show builds to a particularly poignant final moment, where the mood in the room hits rock bottom. We’re dragged through a tear-jerking tale as a montage of scenes depicting a couple’s relationship gets progressively more depressing, before Robins lands the perfectly subtle punchline, catching the whole audience off-guard even more so than the awkward anecdote that precedes it, leaving us all in tearful hysterics.

John Robins performs The Darkness of Robins at Pleasance Courtyard at 18:40 until 27 August 2017. He then takes the show on the road for a UK tour, with tickets available through