Review: Brennan Reece @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Reece brings Everlong to the world's biggest arts festival.

As you are welcomed to Brennan’s second ever Edinburgh show, it is hard to not have a smile on your face. This endearing and seemingly ever optimistic character lulls you into an automatic sense of security with his quick pace and melodical northern tones. But it isn’t long until you are brought back to reality with a snap as he starts to poke fun at the various characters who have taken front row, and delivers some hilariously cutting lines with a cheeky grin and a glow in his eye.

Brennan sets out to take you on a tour of his last 12 months and his quick quips change pace to a methodical yet utterly enthralling story of life as a budding comic talent who has the responsibility of helping his family to care for his lifelong hero, his nana.

Brennan’s expert storytelling techniques transport you to a world ruled by his wonderful nana and how she cared for, and taught him everything (even how to throw a punch) throughout his growing years. He then transfers this back to his past 12 months where things have come full circle. She has been diagnosed with dementia and it’s his turn to be the carer. Brennan’s ability to turn the room from a cheery, chirpy, chatty mood, into one which gets you thinking about life is something to be admired.

The term “emotional rollercoaster” has been used to describe many shows, but there are not too many other phrases that can really explain the audience experiences in Everlong. One favourite thing to do in Edinburgh is to walk past his venue at about 7:05pm and watch the audience (especially the big burly Scottsmen) walking down the stairs with glowing smiles, and tears streaming down their face.

Everlong runs at 18:00 at Pleasance Courtyard until the 27 August 2017.