Valentine’s Day: girls’ night at Wicked the Musical

I took one of my best girlfriends to see Wicked the Musical and we came away ready to take on the world. Aka. fully satisfied with our singleton statuses before Valentine’s Day.

There’s never been a better excuse to gather a group of your closest pals and arrange a night out than Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, whether you’re all single or some of you are hopelessly in love, a night out without your partners in tow can do wonders for your friendship.

14 February isn’t just about sending soppy love notes to your crush, as much as showing a bit of love to those closest to you.

Turns out, Wicked is just the ticket for the perfect girls’ night.

Wicked the musical 2015

First, there’s the show’s overpowering theme of friendship. Leading ladies Elphaba and Glinda go through all the turmoil of a normal girl bond – that’s career competitiveness and man troubles – but it’s their penchant for swapping wardrobes and being the most unlikely of friends that prevails.

Then, Elphaba’s girl power ways are enough to inspire any pack of friends with Spice Girl-levels of empowerment.

Meanwhile, Fiyero had us cackling like we were back in the playground. The object of Elphaba and Glinda’s affections (and yours, probably), he’s the endearing lead who somehow manages to make you forget he’s wearing very, very tight leggings.

Finding himself town between the best friends; myself and my girl pals spent the interval deciphering who he should end up with. Relating it aaaall back to that time we both liked the same boy in Starbucks, of course. Elphaba is underestimated, but Glinda is oh-so-misunderstood.

Wicked the Musical 2015

The real high-five moment comes when you leave the Apollo Victoria Theatre, wanting to wail Defying Gravity at each other and swing on the tube train polls.

Whether you’re celebrating singledom, or treating your best friend to a night out, Wicked promises to leave you both with smiles on your faces. Trust me.

Warning: your other half may not be so understanding of your need to hum every song when you get home.

Get your Wicked tickets today, now booking at London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre until 30 April 2016. You can also catch the Wicked UK tour in Bristol and Sunderland.

Will you be treating your best friend this Valentine’s Day?

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