We’re still game for Still Game

This morning saw unprecedented levels of demand for Still Game’s debut Arena show at Glasgow’s much loved SSE Hydro. It will be the first time the original cast have been together in 6 years, Louise Bryce explains why the Scots are still game for still game.

So why are us Scots still going crazy for the comedy series Still Game? I think the answer is simple – it was pure comedy genius and we can all relate to it!

Filmed in the Glasgow area, the duo (Jack and Victor) had us in stiches over the years with their strong stereotypical Scottish behaviour. I think one of the main reasons that the series was “pure dead brilliant” was down to the characters and how we could all relate to them as they reminded us of a grandparent, a crazy uncle or a local down in the pub and therefore you couldn’t help but find them funny! There was also a nostalgic feel to Still Game which is why I think a lot of the 20-30 year old audience found it addictive.

The Glasgow dialect added to the appeal of the show making it a timeless and classic Scottish sitcom that left us all wanting more. After a 6 year break, I am intrigued to see what sketches the duo will come up with for their live shows at The Hydro, but I can guarantee that it will be “pure class” and we will all be “Still Game” for a laugh.

There are limited number of tickets left and you can buy tickets here.