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Soldier of Orange celebrates its 9th anniversary

The musical is set to open in London next year. Register your interest now.

From the Orange Carpet at the Soldaat van Oranje – De Musical 9th Anniversary performance, watch Jeremy Brock, who has adapted Soldier of Orange for UK audiences explain why fans should come and experience the musical on stage in London from 2020.

Produced by NEW Productions, preparations for the purpose-built, 360-degree theatre experience have begun with the musical set to open in autumn 2020.

Watch the launch trailer for the show below:

The UK production of Soldier of Orange – The Musical will be directed by renowned Dutch director Theu Boermans, with a book written by Edwin de Vries, and music and lyrics by Tom Harriman and Pamela Phillips Oland. The production has been adapted for the British stage by Jeremy Brock.

A roaring success in Holland, Soldier of Orange – The Musical has been seen by almost 3 million people since opening in 2010, smashing theatre records in its home country.

The musical is based on the autobiography of Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, a well-known Dutch resistance fighter and British RAF pilot who journaled his experiences during the Second World War in the book Soldaat van Oranje. The book was also adapted into a hit film in 1977 by Dutch auteur Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Elle).  A hit with critics, the film was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language film in 1980.

Soldier of Orange – The Musical uses a pioneering stage design called SceneAround. The revolutionary technology is specially designed for the production and is set to be used in the UK for the first time ever. As the story unfolds, the audiences seating platform rotates along a 360-degree panoramic set, revealing a 150-foot wide coastline, with sea, sand and rainstorms. The engaging experience will also see the audience transported into a world of student dorms, interrogation cells, a palace and outdoor scenes.

Commenting on bringing the show to London, NEW Productions Producer Fred Boot exclaims: “We are looking forward to sharing this universal story of a group of friends, forced by war to make life-changing choices. It is a celebration of the time that the Allies came together to fight for our freedom and democracy.

Soldier of Orange – The Musical is scheduled to open in London in 2020.

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