Review: Jack Whitehall at Wembley Arena

Jack Whitehall‘s entrance got the show off to a galloping start, and right away we knew we were in for a good night.

Spurred by a friend’s recommendation of Jack Whitehall’s previous tour DVD, we knew we had to get tickets to see him live. Now, our anticipation levels are at boiling point.

As we enter the arena, the warm up act Stuart Goldsmith is already on stage and we settle in to our seats just in time to get involved in the group hug. His energy is contagious and that, combined with tales so varied that everyone in the packed out crowd can relate, has everyone fired up ready for Jack. Soon the screens burst into life with the star studded video intro to the main event.

At just 28, it’s sometimes hard to believe all the stories can be true, but each hilarious anecdote is backed up with visual proof including some far from flattering childhood pictures. It’s fair to say he’s packed a lot in.

From trying to “break America” with the world’s most cringe-worthy agent, his long standing rivalry with his schoolboy nemesis Robert Pattinson, to embarrassing encounters with Royalty (#ShrekGate), Jack isn’t afraid to drop himself (and some of his friends) in it, and it’s this self-effacing charm that means you’re with him every step of the way on his journey, laughing with him as well as at him. Just don’t mention Frozen… we get the impression it’s still a raw nerve.

The Jack Whitehall At Large Tour continues throughout February 2017, with remaining tickets available through