Reasons to visit the big purple cow that is Udderbelly

The Udderbelly’s large purple cow returns to the heart of London (aka South Bank) this week with its usual top class programme – Omid Djalili, Mark Dolan, Brendon Burns, Smashed, A Simple Space and Beardyman to name but a few. But as we sit nailed to our desks in our office, we’ve been collating a load of other reason why the Udderbelly is a treat to visit, shared below.

1. The bar. This is very important, as it’s both large and outside. If you’ve ever visited the South Bank in the summer, you’ll know that outside bar space is as much a premium as indoor body space in the tube at rush hour. The Udderbelly has the largest outside bar in central London – fact. There’s also covered bar areas, so you can drink your fill in all weathers!

2. Talent spotting. When moseying around the bar or whilst catching a show, you’ll rub shoulders, perhaps knees, with some serious talent – comedy and acting talent that is. With such a rich programme, we suspect the entire comic empire comes out to scout their competition. And Violet (the cow) is often on location too.

3. Giant Udders. Let’s face it, udders are funny because it feels like they should be rude ! *Giggles*.

4. You get to say Udderbelly a lot. Saying it is fun and it opens up a whole Olympic sport in animal puns that are not just udderly ridiculous but turtley brilliant, and can take up the lion’s share of the evening’s conversation ap-parrotly –  and yes, we’re milking this. Moo-ving on.

5. Circus stuff. Although the Udderbelly is famous for its comedy programme in the cow, there is also an array of circus shows if you’re in the mood for some amazing jugglers (try Smashed), or some fascinatingly dexterous limbs (check out A Simple Space).

…hang on. Why are we still here? *goes to Udderbelly*. Come with us.