In Pictures: Bond In Motion

Calling Mr Bond.

A frankly astonishing exhibit of the most famous transportation and gadgets used by James Bond has just flung its doors open in London’s Covent Garden.

We were given a sneaky peak into this vast array of 007’rabilia, and the detail gone into putting the collection is sure to get any Bond fan foaming at the mouth. Each vehicle has a video clip from the relevant movie playing next to it, while iPads are on hand throughout to give a detailed behind the scenes guide on the making of the cars and how they were used – rest assured, the detail is enough to get you dreaming of putting on your own Bond movie.

Here’s a walkthrough of some of our favourite exhibits on display from the gallery at the London Film Museum, and if you go be sure to pick up the fabulous audio guide, which has commentary from none other than Ben Collins, AKA The Stig.

‘Wet Nellie’ Lotus Esprit

Image 1 'Wet Nellie' Lotus Esprit - 'The Spy Who Loved Me'

Arguably the most famous of all Bond cars, the ‘Wet Nellie’ Lotus Esprit was used in The Spy Who Loved Me and surprised everyone with it’s submarine abilities.

Bede BD-5J Acrostar Microjet – Octopussy

Image 2 'Bede BD-5J Acrostar Microjet - 'Octopussy'

Used in the title sequence for Octopussy, this was explosive thrills all the way as Bond evaded flying missiles and flew under bridges to avoid capture once again.

Aston Martin DB5 – GoldenEye

Image 3 'Aston Martin DB5 - Goldeneye

Nothing says Bond like an Aston Martin. Used throughout the series, this stunning Aston is taken from 1995’s GoldenEye.

James Bond’s passport – Skyfall

Image 4 'James Bond's Passport' - Skyfall

One of the most impressive things about Bond In Motion is the pieces of memorabilia that sit alongside the vehicles. Amongst other thing, you can check out James Bond’s passport from Skyfall.

Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Diamonds Are Forever

Image 5 'Ford Mustang Mach 1 - Diamonds Are Forever

The classic American car was used for a chase through 1970s Las Vegas. An additional Mustang with a heavily modified suspension was acquired for the up on two wheels stunt.

Bombardier MX Z Rev Ski-doo – Die Another Day

Image 6 - ‘Bombardier MX Z Rev Ski-doo’ – Die Another Day

14 ski-doos were used to film Bond being chased by five villains in Die Another Day.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II – A View To A Kill

Image 7 ‘Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II’ – A View To A Kill

Aston Martin may be many fans idea of Bond’s go to vehicle, but there is something ostensibly British about 007 and Rolls Royce.


Image 8 'Scaletric'

Ever wanted to race your own Bond car? For big kids and little kids here is your chance…

Bond In Motion is open now and you can buy tickets here.