All you need to know about Bat Out of Hell

Jim Steinman’s epic rock musical plays to 5 January 2019.

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Following a critically acclaimed, award-winning run in London and Manchester last year, and having found a new home at the Dominion Theatre in the West End – Bat Out Of Hell producers have confirmed that the show will extend until 5 January 2019.

Based on the music from Jim Steinman’s hugely successful albums – which were originally conceived as a concept for a musical – Bat Out of Hell is a jaw-dropping, boundary pushing spectacle that captivated audiences last year when it ran at the London Coliseum.

The original run was so successful – the show also won the award for Best Musical at the Evening Standard Awards last year – that a West End transfer seemed inevitable. Now the London production extends, booking until 5 January 2019.

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What is Bat Out of Hell about?

Set in the future, Bat Out of Hell imagines a dystopian world in which Manhattan (now called Obsidian) has drifted away from the US – thanks to global warming and the way we’re mistreating the planet – forced to become an island nation in the middle of the ocean.

Obsidian is ruled by Falco and his wife Sloane, who are both struggling with their own marital problems as well as the pressures of ruling. In addition their daughter, Raven, is about to turn 18 and is ready to step out into the world – much to her parents’ dismay.

This is because of The Lost: a group of homeless, sewer-dwelling anarchists who have found that their DNA has frozen them permanently at aged 18. Led by Strat, The Lost fight back against the oppression forced on them by Falco and those who fear their seeming immortality…

But when Strat and Raven meet and fall in love, all bets are off.

Bat Out of Hell | Trailer


What can audiences expect from the show?

Bat Out of Hell is a huge show. It commands the vast stage of the Dominion Theatre with ease and looks incredible. Huge screens and set pieces help tell the story of Obsidian’s unfolding world as Steinman’s iconic music blasts out across the auditorium and whips you into a veritable frenzy.

The music is key to this show’s success. Featuring such legendary tracks as I Would Do Anything For Love, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth and, of course, the titular Bat Out of Hell, the incredible cast are able to belt out the big numbers with theatrical determination.

Sexy, cheeky, romantic and full of drama, Bat Out of Hell is sure to delight Meat Loaf fans as much as aficionados of big ball-busting musical extravaganzas.

Who stars in Bat Out of Hell?

Jordan Luke Gage now leads the cast as Strat, alongside Christina Bennington as Raven, Rob Fowler as Falco, and Sharon Sexton as Sloane.

The cast also includes Alex Thomas-Smith Tink, Danielle Steers as Zahara, Wayne Robinson as Jagwire, Giovanni Spano as Ledoux, and Ryan Anderson as Blake.

The substantial cast is completed by Kyle Anthony, Emily Benjamin, Christopher Cameron, Georgia Carling, Natalie Chua, Jonathan Cordin, Rob Copeland, Hannah Ducharme, Isaac Edwards, Collette Guitart, Eric Hallengren, Vicki Manser, Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky, Aston Newman Hannington, Eve Norris, Joseph Peacock, Kyle Roberts, Craig Ryder, Dawnita Smith, Courtney Stapleton, Julie Stark, Charlotte Anne Steen and Sam Toland.

Part of the joy of Bat Out of Hell is the incredible cult status the show has already reached. Audiences can expect to see real fans – not just of Meal Loaf but of these stars – to be at the show. It’s a thrilling sight to behold for a new musical to engage with its audience so brilliantly.

These stars are going places. You’d be a fool to miss them in these roles.

Bat Out of Hell is now playing at London’s Dominion Theatre until 5 January 2019. Tickets are available now through