Minimaster reviews Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live

We sent Mekai, 5, to watch BAFTA Award-winning TV show Ben and Holly come to life on the stage. Here’s what he made of the show.

“I was really excited to be invited to watch Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live at the Churchill Theatre; I love watching it on TV and couldn’t wait to see the fun characters brought to life.

“When the Ben & Holly theme song came on and they ran on to the stage, it was brilliant! The stage looked just like their kingdom on TV. There was lots of fun music to sing along with right from the start, as well as actions to join in with which I also enjoyed. Gaston, the ladybird, was on stage as well as all the other characters like Nanny Plum and King Thistle, but my favourite was Gaston as he kept whizzing out of the side of the stage and made everyone laugh.

“My favourite part was when Nanny Plum becomes a tooth fairy and Ben & Holly go on an adventure with her to a little girl’s house.  When they pulled out the tooth from the little girl’s pillow it was as big as them. It made me realise how small elves and fairies are compared to humans! The girl woke up and decided she wanted to join them on their adventure so Nanny Plum made a spell to shrink her so she could go into their world.  It all went dark as we watched them fly back through the stars together, just like magic.

“We got to see inside different places in the kingdom, even Gaston the ladybird’s cave and the castle! I really enjoyed the whole show, it was very funny and I laughed a lot (especially during the “laughing song” at the end).  I would definitely go to see it again.

“Thanks Minimaster!”

We also sent Makai backstage to meet some of the key cast of Ben & Holly’s Magical Kingdom. Here’s a little taste of what they go up to:

Minimasters visit the Ben & Holly cast backstage

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is on tour across the UK now. You can get hold of tickets through