Minimasters challenge the stars of The Mousetrap to a game of Cluedo

Our Minimasters (and Cluedo Ninjas) Amelia, 13, and Katie, 11, tell us what happened when they played the classic whodunit game with the stars of the world’s most famous murder mystery.

When we arrived at St Martin’s Theatre we were taken inside the theatre through the stage door, which was really exciting because it made us feel like stars ourselves! We were then taken out onto the stage, which was set up all ready for the show that evening and it was really cool to be standing amongst all the props and set of the show with a dark, empty auditorium in front of us.

We then got to meet three members of The Mousetrap cast – Jocasta King, who plays Miss Casewell, Emma Deegan, who plays Mollie Ralston, and Clive Marlowe, who understudies the roles of Mr Paravicini and Major Metcalf. It was great meeting the cast, as they were dressed in their costumes from the show, and so it was really exciting to find out who the played and what they did the in show.


After some funky-ninja limbering up, we then settled down to play a game of Cluedo. It was really funny because none of the cast had played the game in so long that they couldn’t really remember how do it, whereas we love Cluedo and once played 12 games straight, so knew we could beat them!

We sat down in front of the fireplace on set to play the Cludeo, which was really cool because it felt like Christmas morning when families traditionally all play games lit the fire for us like they do for the show, so it looked like it was glowing on a snowy morning, together; the props department even turned it on for us like they do for the show so that it was glowing bright red – perfect for the play given its set in the dead of winter.

We also managed to interview the cast while we chatted and find out loads of interesting things about the show, their characters and the life of actors as well. But you’ll have to watch the video (it’s coming to the blog next week!) – to find out all the goss’ and see who won the game!

After the game we got to go an amazing backstage tour of the show, exploring all the secrets of the show – but don’t worry Mousetrap, we’ll never tell! – the best bit of the tour was getting to use the wind and snow machines they use in the show, which was really cool.


In the evening we went back to the theatre to watch the show. The play was brilliantly mind-boggling, it had such a great storyline and super twist to it. It was nice watching other families try and figure out who did it during the interval. We had to hold hands when it all went dark, we were scared but also excited!

Thanks Minimasters and The Mousetrap for a brilliant day!

Check back soon to find see the video of our exclusive interview with the cast. You can see more photos and Katie and Ameila’s big day out here

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