John Kearns ‘Shtick’s around for second solo show

“It’s the minutiae of the detail that really sets John apart; he manages to say so much with so little.”

Accessibility is one of the toughest aspects of stand-up comedy. The circuit caters for all tastes, opinions and styles. But as mental or mainstream as an act intends for their set – do the audience get it? Can they follow a comedian’s logic to the point where they form some kind of connection with what they’re saying or observing to produce laughter or even a smile?


John Kearns has been performing stand-up on the circuit since he was a student, different styles, different sets; trying to find his voice and that special USP that makes him funny and unique. John’s debut hour ‘Sight Gags for Perverts’, which won him the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Edinburgh Fringe, was a perfect display of a comedian who had not only found his voice but had found a way of combining all the unusual and, at times, bizarre features of his set into a personal and honest show that didn’t pander to or try and please anyone except John’s comic sentiments.


After a year, John bought his second solo show ‘Shtick’ to Edinburgh and he is currently performing a three week run in London’s West End at Soho Theatre. The show is remarkable, both because it won him the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards ‘Best Comedy Show’ award in August, only a year after winning ‘Best Newcomer’ – an unprecedented and historic achievement – and because it demonstrates John’s growth as a, now, professional full-time comedian in such a short space of time.

It’s the minutiae of the detail that really sets John apart; the show expresses a personal but subtle exploration of himself along with other ideas regarding the realities in routine and relationships where he manages to say so much with so little. It’s all about the connection with John, which is why there’s something so special about the way he interacts with his audience – whether they’re on stage with him or simply watching amongst the crowd. The kind of hit you get from watching John perform is as unique as he is as a performer. John’s comedy is an absolute beauty.

Tickets for John Kearns’ Shtick show are available here.

You can also listen to Sara’s interview with John Kearns by clicking below.

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