Jennifer Saunders set to star in Lady Windermere’s Fan

Saunders will return to the West End for the first time in over 20 years.

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Jennifer Saunders has been confirmed in the role of the Duchess of Berwick in the West End production of Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan. The comedy will be directed by Kathy Burke.

The production forms part of a year of Oscar Wilde plays staged at London’s Vaudeville theatre.

Saunders will be joined by Kevin Bishop as Lord Darlington, and Samantha Spiro as Mrs Erlynne. The remaining cast, including the title character’s husband Lord Windermere, are yet to be announced.

Saunders and Burke have previously worked together, including on the iconic Absolutely Fabulous. Announcing the cast on social media, Burke tweeted: “Look at my groovy cast so far, kids! Can’t wait to boss ’em around and after 30yrs of giving me work it was high time I employed Saunders.”

Lady Windermere’s Fan is a four act play written by Oscar Wilde. It’s widely regarded as Wilde’s breakthrough piece, following three unsuccessful plays and one which fell foul to censors. As with many of his plays, Lady Windermere’s Fan takes a satirical look at British society, presented as both a drama and a comedy.

The plot surrounds the marriage of husband and wife Lady Windermere and Lord Windermere, and the damaging effects by Erlynne, the other woman.

Lady Windermere is made aware that something is afoul by friends Lord Darlington and the Duchess Of Berwick (played by Jennifer Saunders) ahead of a high-society party.

Lady Windermere’s Fan opens at London’s Vaudeville Theatre on Friday 12 January 2018, and runs through until the 7 April 2018. It forms part of the theatre’s A Celebration Of Oscar Wilde, which starts on the 6 October 2017.

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