Interview: We chat to resident director Michael Morgan about Wonderland

Wonderland is a thrilling new adaptation of the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, which receives its UK premiere in Blackpool this month.

We sat down with Blackpool Opera House’s resident director, Michael Morgan, to get the lowdown on the production and find out more about the show

What interested you most in being part of Wonderland?

The music – I heard Frank Wildhorn’s wonderful music and just fell in love with it.

Tell us a bit about what audiences can expect from this new musical adaptation?

Its quirky, funny and a feast for the eyes. People have told me they feel elated after watching it.

What’s been the most challenging thing about bringing such a fantastical world to life on stage?

To update the story with a modern twist, making it current, yet keeping all the characters we all know and love still recognisable has been quite a challenge.

How has it been directing this cast?

It’s been simply amazing because the show is so well cast – they are all such incredibly talented actors and everyone has been encouraged to bring their own spin into their characterisation.

Were you a fan of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a child? If so, who was your favourite character and why?

I didn’t read it as a child as I thought it was a girl’s book. When I was a teenager – I must’ve been about 14 or 15 – I saw a film version starring Fiona Fullerton and Michael Crawford which whet my appetite and I read it then.

Without spoiling anything, is there any message you hope to get across in Wonderland?

Sometimes all you really want from life is already there for you… you just have to realise this to find it.

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