Five comedians we really shouldn’t fancy – but definitely do!

There’s nothing sexier than a sense of humour. Perhaps that’s why we find such a high proportion of comedians so darned attractive.

Here we round up five of our top-crush comedians, who we really should know better about…

1. Russell Howard


Probably the only person on this list who’s not a completely irrational fantasy crush, he is, after all, actually quite buff under those slim-fit T-shirts he always wears. But then, Howard is also a genuinely lovely bloke, with nice blonde hair and a winning smile. He’s the sort of guy your mum or your Auntie Pam might fancy and say “Why can’t you meet a nice man like Russell?”, which of course makes him totally unfanciable. We still would though.

Russell Howard embarks on a world tour in 2017. Get your tickets here.

2. Nick Helm


Nick Helm looks like the sort of guy who’d think a hot date is the local Wings Night and 15 pints of craft ale (the dream scenario for some), before falling asleep on the night bus home. But he also has eyes that are deep, endless pools of icy blue that you could get lost in for hours. Mmm. We’ll take our wings with hot sauce, please Waiter!

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3. Jonathan Pie


Where’s the one place you find most of your secret “I-really-should-know-better” crushes? That’s right, the world of politics (Milliband, Corbyn, Clegg, we’ve all been there). So combine that with comedy, a la parody politico Jonathan Pie, and you’ve got yourself the most unlikely sex symbol this side of the general election. Just tick that ballot paper a’ready!

Jonathan Pie is touring the UK from September. You can buy tickets now.

4. Jimmy Carr 


It might just be the suits (because who doesn’t love a man in a nice suit), but there’s definitely something about Carr. He’s well-groomed, smart, cheeky, and has that adorable little laugh that makes him sound like he’s on helium and in dire need of a an inhaler. What’s not to love? You’re right, it’s probably just the suits.

Jimmy Carr’s humbly titled the Best of, Ultimate, Golden, Greatest Hits Tour kicks off next month. Get your tickets here.

5. Joe Lycett

Credit - Matt Crockett for his '50 Comics' project.

Credit – Matt Crockett for his ’50 Comics’ project.

Camp, bisexual honey Joe Lycett has featured in the top 20 of Attitude Magazine’s 100 Hottest Guys list for the last two years running (admittedly because he actioned his own social media campaigns to get him there), so he’s clearly got something going on. Tall, self-effacing and a clearly a proactive go-getter, he’s quite possibly the perfect catch.

Joe Lycett hits the road next month with his new tour, That’s the Way, A-Ha A-Ha, Joe Lycett tour. Tickets are available now.

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